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  1. yamaha25063

    Banshee spark plug locks

    I've been looking for them about 2 months now and I cannot find them anywhere Trinity doesn't sell them because of their new owner another site used to sell them but they don't anymore. And that's the only problem I have with bike is the plugs are coming out of my domes
  2. yamaha25063

    Banshee spark plug locks

    It's a brand new 421 Trinity Cub engine the only reason why they're backing out is because of the vibration of the bike I'm running 195 PSI per cylinder timing is advance by +5 I'm running 130 octane it 33 mm carbs pilot jet at 58 Main Jet at 165 19 CC domes With 68.00mm Blaster Pistons and only has 3 hours on it
  3. yamaha25063

    Banshee spark plug locks

    Does anyone know where to get spark plug locks for a Yamaha Banshee. Trinity doesn't sell them anymore does anyone know where to find them Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk