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  1. Hello, I’m looking to change my rims, what size rims and wheels are banshees? And what exactly does “offset” mean? Thank you
  2. iTeach

    Buying Used Exhaust Pipes

    @kawa110 can a used exhaust have shavings in the exhaust chamber?
  3. Hey guys I was wondering if there’s any wrist in buying used exhaust pipes? Is it common for metal shavings to be inside a used banshee exhaust? let me know.
  4. Hello, I accidentally pressed my front brake lever when there was no fluid inside. And it seems as if the “piston” is pushed all the way in, that thing inside the front master cylinder where the lever pushes against. Does this mean I need a new master? Or will it come back out after I bleed the brakes? Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone, Im contemplating on a pipe for my redline 4mil stock ported cylinders. Whether FMFs, SLPs or t5.
  6. Hello, I plan on running an oversized radiator, cool head and high flow water pumper for my redline 4 mil stock cylinder, along with engine ice. Has anybody ever used a high flow water pump?
  7. iTeach

    Rebuilt Banshee not starting

    1. Check the spark plugs again, make sure it’s a bright blue spark. 2. Clean the carburetors. 3. Check for fluid leaks (gas, coolant etc) 4. Do a compression test just to make sure. 5. Do a leak down test as well. Are you running TORS?
  8. Hello, I’m sending my engine off to Cam shortly, and I’m getting a 4mil stock cylinder dune port. I have 26mm mikuni carbs I plan on putting back on there. Im running FMF exhaust and pod filters. Do you think a bigger carb is necessary? I plan on running it fat for the brake 310 main, 30 pilot, and then eventually properly tuning it in, I’m at sea level
  9. I just purchased a GPI radiator. It looks good, rubber grommets fit well and all. My only concern is the radiator is slightly, very slightly touching the steering stem at the bottom. The steering isn’t effected at all, but I wonder how that’s gonna turn after turning the steering stem 10million times and I rubbing constantly, it’s literally a slight touch.
  10. iTeach

    Works Shocks

    I’m running OEM A arms. Standard banshee shocks are 13.4. Would those fit?
  11. iTeach

    Radiator Mounting Bolts

    Hmmm, the hole in the steering stem is slightly larger than the holes in the lower brackets, how are the bolts the same sizes?
  12. Quick question, I’m rebuilding my banshee, quick question are all the three mounting bolts the same sizes? The bolt that goes into the left side of the steering stem, is that one slightly fatter width? I notice that the hole in the steering stem is slightly larger than the ones in the lower brackets. According to the OEM diagram, they’re all the same sizes. Let me know, look at the diagram below. https://www.motosport.com/oem-parts/yamaha/2000/banshee/radiator-_-hose
  13. Hello, I’m looking for aftermarket tie rod ends. OEM tie rod ends are super expensive damn near 200 for all four. But I see some aftermarket one for about 30 bucks for all four. Has anyone ever run them?
  14. iTeach

    Banshee parts for sale

    I’m interested in your front shocks.
  15. Hello, I’m looking for banshee front shocks. Please let me know if any of you have. Thank you.