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  1. This old banshee

    FOX floats @$650.00

    I have a question regarding the shocks I've seen them on eBay for $650 for a pair. I believe they are stock length I need somebody to school me first let me tell you what I have. My Banshee has the lone Star "blue paint" I believe that's 2+1. I have never ridden another banshee I don't have anything to base off of. I am fairly certain this machine has the YZF 450 shocks...... Which I know work but are not ideal. A couple of shops who have worked on my Banshee one who built my motor said he can't stand the way it rides and makes him uncomfortable and that he cannot get it to wheelie. I cannot get the bike to wheelie either unless really revved up and pop the clutch aggressively..... It's weird. The bike was an MX race bike out of Arizona.... I must say it seems to handle quite well for me in tight stuff as it has a minus 1 swingarm I believe.... And an Ohlins rear shock. so however good at handles in the tight stuff it is terrible in a straight line this thing weaves back and forth 3 ft each side you must constantly pay strict attention to it..... Now other people who have ridden my bike are scared to ride it because of this..... Not driving another Banshee I don't know.... But it's very squirrely in a straight line I'm guessing that it's not stable in a straight line due to the fact that is set up to turn very good which it really does I can attest to that..... Advice on where I would start to try and stop the dirtiness and weaving at speed.... However it does not seem to soak up whoops, to where I would feel comfortable?, I really don't know where to start with this suspension and adjustments but I'm fairly certain the shocks just.... gotta go. As far as straight-line stability any suggestions would be great. So what do you guys think about the Fox float shocks... I'm frankly not Eva going to spend $1,000 for shocks so let's not suggest that. I have a friend who has a cheetah power-valve 400cc Banshee and he bought it with floats he loves it and it's told me I would be happy but he's never ridden another Banshee either... Sorry for the detail but I try to include everything so somebody can educate me and where to start don't see many Banshees out there these days.
  2. This old banshee

    Pro Circuit to Toomey T5

    Better Late than never. Realistically... You should have no problem swapping pipes no need for a jit change I've had similarly built rz350 s and swapped at least 6 different pipe manufacturers bike ran great with all of them. only if your dyno tuning the bike are you going to be able to dial an insignificant difference like that in from jetting... That's my opinion in my opinion only, no doubt others could differ.
  3. This old banshee

    85 Honda 250R suspension question

    PRob = Rob Selvy. He's a builder and a guru when it comes to off-road toys. he's been around since the AMA Golden era. Has worked with several factory teams. If you want a very fast 3 wheeler, he's yer man. He already re-welded / drilled the front forks internals new shims and set it up I think is front end is fine it is his back shock that needs attention especially with the geometry of the + 6 swinger. several folks have chimed in on another forum regarding the modification they seem to like it far better than the race text set up but I'm sure all three are good for the average Rider. he does fantastic engine work but it takes a long time right now he has 8 to 10 engines.. ahead of anybody so I'm guessing that's one to two-year wait
  4. This old banshee

    85 Honda 250R suspension question

    not a Banshee related question but a Banshee owner question I already know what I have to do I need new front shocks but my question is for a friend....Okay here's the deal my friend has a pretty worked over 250R, it's extremely fast blows the off my 67 h.p. 4 mm Banshee. It's a 370 + cc Rob Selby/ESR blank cylinder/crank engine I believe she dynoed @ 68 horsepower.With rider the 250R weighs 534 lbs.My Banshee weighs 643 lbs. I have 40 lb of fuel in a desert tank + 20 lbs of desert lights is what it is LOLThe Banshee is (substantially) heavier...thus the beat down... lol truly one fast 3-wheeler he comes from for bike lengths behind me as if I am standing still blows by Me pull six bikes on me and then holds it it is crazy fun to ride.I don't want to have my motor reported as I don't want to lose the trail capability almost 70 from stock cylinders and having it reliable and writable is just fine with me it's faster than I can ride it πŸ˜„Anyways he is looking to match his suspension to the power of the bike it is a (plus 6 swing arm ) other than that it is all stock. He weighs in at 220 lbsHe was told Rob did something to the front forks we don't know what it is.. it seems to run really good to me ....goes through the whoops like mad ...but he feels it could use a big improvement.Any advice any kits Race Tech excetera or go to guys to get the suspension ' REAR SHOCK REBUILD and setup properly please let me know Thanks guys!
  5. This old banshee

    Engine Swap

    Just a after thought, people said all kinds of s*** about me putting a 350 small block in a Chevy Vega. A 383 stroker into a mini truck. Or a Mazda rotary Turbo II into a Datsun 510. None of them did anything particularly well except go fast... lol πŸ˜„ but dear God were they fun. I caught all kinds of grief for those conversions from some folks. Dammbed the torpedos...To hell with the naysayers...πŸ˜† Do what you want. Those three vehicles to this day are my favorites of ( all time) they put a smile on my face more than any other cars I've ever owned...engine conversions are about as American as apple pie on the 4th of July.
  6. This old banshee

    Engine Swap

    Whatever an R1 motor ain't my thing either... but to each their own regardless of whether we agree or not he's got some good points he can drive it forever and do an oil change that's it he won't have to do anything on the motor. Rear Sprockets may be a issue...lolπŸ˜ƒ I've seen plenty of GSXR 600 & 1000 swaps and a couple turbos and let me tell you they flat-out Kik f***ing ass speed-wise... Black 421 is fast enough for me I would never ride one of those things that scare the f*** out of way too much power for the Dirt... as a matter of fact I would challenge just about anybody outside of a professional red bull MX rider to r use my 421 Banshee or bigger on a dirt track or desert race to its ability..... If I saw an ad by the man of beer. Let's be real, most folks doing this don't give a too much of a rat's ass about handling.... just saying. He's explained his reasons and they're perfectly acceptable he just wants something to sit on twist the throttle and go fast in a straight line and not worry about his motor I know exactly where he's coming from nobody likes tinkering on s*** and for some people two Strokes just ain't a good fit.. I've been around two strokes since 1977 and I have had 20 different mostly midified 2 Strokes they can be and are finicky when modified or raced, people whom say they're not .....sent telling it like it is. When their stock in my opinion they're bulletproof ...but I have been through about six RZ350/ Yamaha RD400s and Kawi Triple motors that beg to differ when modified and raced...lol Seizures are equally as common from novices to veteran racers....lolπŸ™„πŸ˜€ I know one thing for sure that thing would leave my 421 gasping for breath and left a 75ft rooster tail in my face... lol The guy ain't after the fastest drag bike he just wants something that fast then that'll do the ticket all right. one thing we all know there is always something faster out there... always. Every old man meets up with a youngster sooner or later. Not my thing but it sure is a lot of fun may be limited but it's fun πŸ‘
  7. This old banshee

    Engine Swap

    1st things 1st.. anybody telling you an R1 engine weighs 300 -400 lbs doesnt know much about that. That's total misinformation. Yamaha R6- R1 motors weigh in roughly @ 150 -170 lbs A Banshee engine approx @ 90 pounds. Stock Banshee makes 35 horsepower. And 25 lb of torque. an R1 makes anywhere from 150 to 190 horsepower and has approximately 70-85 pounds of torque. That's Mount Everest amount of torque everywhere in the power band. Apples to apples oranges to oranges it will annihilate a Banshee.. in every power category Your Banshee blew up . Due to one of two reasons.. it was built wrong or jetted wrong.....period. Your R1 project will work and has some benefits and some drawbacks. I don't think you need somebody to explain that to you.....but... It would never be an MX racer or lightweight and nimble bike. Handling will be affected. It could be built to make and reasonably acceptable dune bike it would be fast as fuk. I've seen a couple GSXR 1000 conversions that were done correct they're perfectly drivable and probably do everything right... Just not optimized. Obviously a brutal drag bike... Would certainly be fun. don't be surprised if some full-on drag Banshees with stroker/bigbore Banshee engines beat you in a drag race..it's possible... And if you spend all your time drag racing it will happen but an average Banshee... no f***ing way it would ever touch you.... In most any speed contest... Obviously on a dirt track or the woods you'll get your ass kicked buy a stock Banshee. I'm assuming you're building this for drag or duning I don't see you being able to do it "correctly "for under 3 to 6 grand. You need frame extensively modified welded and braced. Swing arm and modifications. Driveline components modified to handle the power and torque. Your shocks front and rear have to be custom to accept the extra weight. Custom exhaust has to be fabricated with clearance on Fuel supply , petcock excetera...unless there's a kid out there that somebody is making for this this is in no way a bolt on you're basically building an entirely new machine sit down on paper and write this stuff down and you will see the extent after the project and the cost. We've all seen backyard hack jobs with just about every kind of engine shoved in there one way or another. Most of those bikes are crap and only good for a straight line for shits & giggles...if you're looking to build a professional level conversion, all in including Banshee frame components your well into the $10,000 + .mark. No way around that none of it all. now I'm talking about a professionally fabricated and engineered total package. Sure you can cut shut widen frame put the motor in their Fab up a pipe and you'll have a bite that will be fast as f*** in a lot of fun but there's a big difference between the two machines it all depends on what you're after and your price range that is available to you. If you got an old Banshee in an R1 motor and you just want to have fun f*ck it ....go for it. Can't knock anybody for building Frankenstein hotrods I've had a few. Best wishes if you do it post your results of your progress
  8. This old banshee

    Ims foot pegs

    Dang good thing I didn't see those I probably would have bought them on my way home... lol πŸ˜„
  9. This old banshee

    New build 421, mostly drags

    Both my friends have those Roberts pipes Rob Selby built the motors Kenny built the pipes one is a 365cc CC 86 tecate utilizing a custom-built KX cylinder with a drag pipe. The other friend has has custom Selvy built ESR 380cc... I believe Rob said it was the biggest motor he's built pretty sure one of his fastest. Engine took 3 revisions and 3 years...lolπŸ™„ the Tecate took 4 years... Both running really well with K. Roberts pipes but the Honda I don't think he's ever lost to a banshee I've never seen him go up against a full drag one but it wouldn't be too far off I don't believe the thing is just a screamer ... It's scary but it's not a drag bike it can be driven to ridden anywhere. The Tecate had a K. Roberts drag pipe... performs well but it looks f****** doofus to me. Rob is now building him a custom reverse cylinder T-Rex based Banshee with a dry clutch...I kind of think the dry clutch was a stupid idea but that's what they wanted to build not after ultimate speed he just wants something that nobody else has. Anyways off topic the Roberts pipes to perform well but I've seen a lot of banshees with the Shearer's and they seem to perform quite well I have Toomey T5s on my 4 mil 380 sumphing.... It's pretty fast ...I think. I'd like to try a set of Shearer's just to see if it would help my bike out... But I'm told with my application and Desert/ MX riding the T5s are the better choice for me... but I don't really need any more power it's making about 65-67 with a minus 1 swing arm... It's a handful 😬 I just can't get sucked into many drag races that big bore 380 ATC smokes my Banshee... He actually passes me hard at the top of 3rd gear doing a big ass wheelie...it's hysterical
  10. This old banshee

    DC Stator ( high output)

    Hey guys I seem to be having the worst luck locating a (high output) DC stator. Obviously Ricky Stator is the go-to company they have them they have them in stock and they answer all questions but.... I've heard a bunch of bad things about them and reliability.. so much so I can't really pull the trigger on them their reputation is horrible. So I was recommended to guy here that builds them but my messages say that it is undeliverable to him GT or (Sheerider1026). Race Tech/ Trail ? their response was extremely vague and not much help .., did not invoke a lot of confidence? I have to have high output as I'm running the two large 9"dia Desert lights tail light and probably an axillary flood in the front probably approx total of 50 LED bulbs.... It's been 2 years... I like to ride this thing at night sometimes more than 15 minutes with my battery. if anybody has any leads or information on how to contact the guy with the good reputation here by all means please let me know! I can also be contacted by email at daveevansinc@yahoo.com Thanks for your help or advice.
  11. Hey question regarding me oversized fuel bowls, is the volume increased due to being "wider width" bowls, or a deeper bowl. I am assuming they must be wider in both directions not depth. The reason I ask as in my brain a deeper bowl is telling me it is useless as the fuel pick up still only extends the stock length, so regardless of capacity it would only draw the same volume as a stock carb. Would anybody have a photo of a stock bowl versus an after-market one with a side to side photo showing dimensions? Or I'm if I am missing something plainly obvious please explain
  12. Primarily AV100LL , VP ZX Sunaco, F&L Race Fuel. ALL mixed ONLY w Klotz Super Techniplate with Castor bean oil. My reasons are high-compression motor AV 100LL has a high lead content combined with the castor bean oil additive in Klotz, I don't think I could put together a much better recipe for protection of the engine. AV10OLL is 1/2 the price of race fuel. I have 33 PWKs is on the Banshee my MPG is horriid approx 1 he of open throttle hard riding for IMS 6 gal tank. So when I know I'm going to be riding frequently I will mix it with 60/40 w pump gas. For storage more than a week all fuel comes out and straight AV or race fuel goes in and his run for 5 minutes. If I can start stocking up on AV fuel in a drum I will get away from pump gas completely! The ethanol pump fuel is just absolute MURDER.... no matter what you do there is no cure for it... It SUCKS. NON-ETHANOL FUEL ONLY !!! As if I where to pay somebody to clean all my bikes carbs.. I'd been looking at $3000.oo bucks a year to have 20 individual carbs cleaned....F#@k that! We have it SOooooo easy on are Banshees these carbs are f#@kin EASY! I just took apart my GSXR 750 carbs and there is (187 individual pcs) to just ....4 carbs! Ethanol fuel gummed up from sittin 4 weeks πŸ˜²πŸ˜¬πŸ™„ Neva Again.....
  13. This old banshee

    Running carbs dry

    Okay I've had two strokes since the beginning of my time. When I store this banshee I run her out of fuel until she dies and that is all I have ever done. I am aware of the oil mixture etc..etera I run standard 32:1 However I have read and been told by very knowledgeable tuners/builders w quite a bit of 2-stroke road racing knowledge and they said @ (idle with not under load) there should be plenty of oil/fuel mixture to prevent problems even sometimes with rather extreme lean oil mixtures etc... Now I've never had a problem in 35-40 years of this just wondering what's some of your opinions are regarding this subject.. I only run AV100 non ethanol, or race fuel from various manufacturers Sunco, VP ,F&L. Mainly for the motor primarily to avoid carburetors gumming up with the crappy ethanol pump fuel. it ain't perfect but it's the only thing I found that stops the carbs from gumming up within 2 weeks I have seven motorbikes I don't have time or money to f*** with these things due to the bad fuel. πŸ€ͺ I'm sure I am not alone in that department fuel stabilizers didn't do s*** so it's race fuel in all my motorcycles street bikes dirt bikes etc. Anyways let me know what you guys think on any of the above, it's always good to listen to others as often you can learn a tip or two you've never heard of.
  14. This old banshee

    Squirrly handling

    I have no experience on another Banshee to compare wondering what some people's thoughts may be. My Banshee is as set up for MX racing when I bought it. This is what I know it has: 1.) Lonestar plus + 2 A arms. 2.) DWT AT 22x11-9 Rear 3.) DWT 23x7-10 Fronts 4.) Ohlins rear shock. 5.) Aftermarket swingarm, I am not sure if this is a minus 1 swingarm or stock length I do not have another one to measure accurately. 6.) I believe it has plus two axles but it uses ( Honda offset rims/Hubs) in the back. The seller said it was better for better handling/geometry? I must admit for how big these things are this thing handles extremely well in tight stuff and goes over bumps and whoops like glass however on a straight line this thing is squirrely and wonders and weaves at 60 70 miles an hour I will drift 4' from side to side sometimes. and often accelerating quickly during shifts it will pitch sideways pretty fast. Could somebody elaborate if they know on what I have and if that would cause the (wandering) straight line stability. I live in the California desert and there are a lot of straightaways... It's pretty sketchy enough where I know would definitively I will eat s*** one day. If I rode fast on straightaways often and I don't want to do that... as I'm often aloneπŸ™„πŸ˜„ Any advice from MX guys or desert racers would be appreciated I think I would like to set this machine up more for open desert racing so let me know any info or advice that you may have. FYI I am not.... racing. Just riding.
  15. This old banshee

    Banshee MPG... test & survey.

    It's not that exactly that. It's just the larger carbs are very detrimental for (actual riding time). I'm unable to go for long rides with friends. Eventually I'll go back to my stock carbs , as it is basically proven I'll get almost double the MPG and with little or no loss in power πŸ˜„ outside of ultimate top end, and at 52 I've little business hitting 80 mph in the open desert Live n learn. I already knew I was possibly making a mistake by going to larger carbs, after 3 decades of RZ350s...I knew better. I just did not expect MPG to be so utterly awful by going to 33s. It just ain't worth it.