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  1. Mobilemechanic

    Toomey t6

    looking for a set of chrome t6
  2. Mobilemechanic

    Toomey t6

    got a slightly used set of small bore cpi in frames looking to trade for t6 in same condition show chrome no dents or scratches
  3. Mobilemechanic


    I need to have my rear shock rebuilt looking for suggestions thanks in advance
  4. Mobilemechanic

    Misc Parts

    Pingel and hydraulic clutch shipped to 28411
  5. Mobilemechanic

    Oversized tank

    Send me your number will send pics
  6. Mobilemechanic

    Oversized tank

    Smooth so it's an ims
  7. Mobilemechanic

    Oversized tank

    Got a oversized tank dont know what kind it appears to be yellow or maybe just been in the sun too long 5.6 gallons looks like $100obo having trouble uploading pics
  8. Mobilemechanic

    Desert tank

    I have a natural one
  9. Mobilemechanic


  10. Mobilemechanic


    Looking for pingel in good condition
  11. Mobilemechanic

    Spark plug caps

    Looking for napa part number for the ngk plug caps
  12. Mobilemechanic

    Spark plugs

    What plugs do you gurus recommend 4mill aggressive dune port stock cylinder plus 7 timing 110 fuel at sea level was using b9egv cant get them anymore
  13. Mobilemechanic

    Jetting help

    Sea level
  14. Mobilemechanic

    Jetting help

    I have a 4mill stock cylinder with aggressive dune port need to know where I should start with jetting I'm at sea level i have pwk 33 v force 3 reeds shearer pipes +7 timing running vp c12
  15. Mobilemechanic


    Need a dual pingle asap