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    87’ my Stepdad bought new, Ported and polished, Vforce 4, custom air box, unknown in-frame Toomey style pipes
  1. Hey Coester, I mostly ride in the Arizona desert but I want to get it ready for the dunes before it gets too hot. I thought the ball joints were pressed in so the arm could be damaged on removal or installation.
  2. Hello, my Dad gave me the Banshee he bought new in 87 that I rode as a kid. I may have been oblivious back then but I rode it yesterday and everything in the front end is loose. The ball joints and bushings on both control arms are bad so I was thinking of doing the A arm conversion kit but the swingarm is also cracked. Is it better just to get and A arm roller and move the engine and trans? I just replaced the clutch (still had the stock clutch) and did the billet mods while I was in there. The engine was ported and polished back in the day and feels stronger than other Banshees I've ridden
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