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  1. Yea exactly, I want to be able to launch my bike and actually be able to put down the little power I have. I have been running my bike with typical mx tires and launching in first gear and i know my bike is spinning and not really getting much traction until i get into about 3rd gear with my current tire setup. The terrain we are racing in is a mix of sand with maybe some dirt but it feels soft and currently i feel I am not even able to be competitive at all.
  2. I want to put some sand paddle tires on my bike for drag racing and also match it with the correct gearing. I have a stock cc bike with stock swing arm and am not sure about what size tire/brand or the sprockets i need. I appreciate any and all suggestions.
  3. 06YFZ350

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    The stator on my banshee, I put a brand new oem one on to replace this but i did not put the timing plate on.
  4. 06YFZ350

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Got my wiring harness installed, waiting on a coolant relocation bracket and some new gas tank covers.
  5. 06YFZ350

    Stator wire harness routing

    I have the airbox and the clips on the side of it, Ill snap a picture tomorrow im installing a new harness right now.
  6. 06YFZ350

    Stator wire harness routing

    Dam i wish some one would post a picture my stator harness rubbed on my pipes and melted the plug a little and i think it was just routed wrong.
  7. I am looking to order a set of paddle for my bike, I am not sure what what size or brand paddle i should buy. I have a stock swing arm stock gearing setup on my bike and i would like to get the best size that is not to small but is not to big. I am also interested in pro wedge tires but I only can find the 4 snow tires and cant seem to find the pro wedge tires.
  8. 06YFZ350

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Can you pm me the link to that so i can check it out.
  9. 06YFZ350

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Gonna take a stab at the sand drags this weekend, Next go round I will have some real paddles for it and have it more setup for drag.
  10. 06YFZ350

    Banshee carb issues?

    I was mixing at 32:1 and I am using Klotz super techniplate. The way you just explained it actually gave me a way better understanding of the air fuel mixture.
  11. 06YFZ350

    Banshee carb issues?

    Here is the first test runs on it, It felt really good I still need to plug chop it but i was eager to see how it ran. Thanks every one who has given me advice this is the best it has ran since i got it.
  12. 06YFZ350

    Banshee carb issues?

    Ok today I drained out the 32:1 gas and got it filled up with 40:1 then i continued on with syncing the carbs under tension and have them both dead nuts equal. I put the boots back on and the airbox and got it all together and rode it in my small yard and she rips hard even tho i can only full throttle it for a second it was clean and crisp with no bog. I live in one of the most densely populated cities in florida so we dont have much area to ride locally without the cops showing up but I do plan to head to an industrial area tonight where I will be able to open it up and stretch it out so i can start doing the plug chops and jet swapping.
  13. 06YFZ350

    Fox float 3

    are you using stock a arms? if so i had to do some cutting on them to get the shocks to fit without hitting.
  14. 06YFZ350

    Banshee carb issues?

    Ok cool im gonna mix it 40:1 then
  15. 06YFZ350

    Banshee carb issues?

    Im about to go out and finish the carb sync I just went and got some 93 non ethanol gas 18 bucks for 5 gallons so not bad. I am thinking about mixing it 40:1 do you guys think that will be fine and when you start chaning the oil/fuel mix does that have an effect on the jetting?