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  1. Too rich need to come down on your main jets
  2. Only if you want waste money. Compression not high enough to really run higher octane fuel. Stick with 93 pump gas and you will be just fine. Looking for more power get port work , 4mill crank, vforce4 reeds or better yet a 421 cheetah cub
  3. So their are different needle/seat assemblies as well? Do you know exact needle/seat assembly I need to order?
  4. Do you know what Mikuni fuel pump I should look for? From which model bike? Any info would be helpful
  5. That was some very good advice and knowledge you shared there brother. Thanks for the advice and I will definitely look more into this before I think about attempting this.
  6. Yes but I was trying to find out is there a certain fuel pump with certain amount of psi I need to look for
  7. Hey did you ever figure out the fuel pump issue?
  8. I have a 421 cheetah cub non ported. Wasn’t sure what thickness to go with at time so I went with .020 base gasket
  9. I have a 421 Cub engine I’m building and I wanted to know what are the difference between the thickness of the gaskets. What are the different sizes for? I have a .012 thickness gasket and a .020 thickness gasket.
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