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  1. You have another problem if youre getting 4 tanks out of a bore. I wouldnt run Athena. Driveline cylinders are a great value.
  2. 450 engine mounts through the swingarm, not a good option to put on a banshee. I prefer Fireball, Lonestar and Stellar are also good options.
  3. I dont like the replacement bushings that FAST sells, too tight and steel. For that reason I go with complete gears. If you find a bushing youre happy with go for it. The clip can be found anywhere you buy oem parts. Its just a couple bucks so Ive never bothered to match it up at a parts store.
  4. Replace them as a set. There shouldnt be any play in the idler gear. One of the most overlooked maintance items, replace it and the clip that holds it on. Sent from my HTC U11 plus using Tapatalk
  5. The listing title is correct but the picture is wrong. Buying parts off Amazon and eBay is very risky if you dont know what youre doing as there are more knock-offs than real these days. Id be willing to bet West Coast ATV has the real deal for cheaper than the Amazon link you posted.
  6. Kawa110 had a nice one for sale, might want to message him.
  7. Most important thing anyone can tell you, never ever, ever, under any circumstances, buy anything from that seller. He sells cheap junk and uses bait and switch marketing. Dont believe me, google "Rattle Can Ray", thats who youre buying from. He owns Vitos which is also cheap junk. Get a hold of West Coast ATV Parts. They sell quality new and used parts at great prices.
  8. You shouldnt be paying more than $150 for a nice pair of stock carbs. Keihin 28mm PWK are one of the best upgrades imo. If you go that way make sure theyre genuine.
  9. If you ran your banshee 6 miles without coolant its likely the motor is toast. Id at a minimum take the top end off and inspect. Sent from my HTC U11 plus using Tapatalk
  10. These are sold. Stock banshee shocks are 14.5". Almost every aftermarket standard travel banshee shock Im aware of is 14.75".
  11. Ive got a pair of Works I just posted. Sent from my HTC U11 plus using Tapatalk
  12. $350 shipped. 14.75" eye to eye, fresh rebuild with new seals, orings, oil, nitrogen, and powder coat. I did scuff the inside of one spring installing and one bump stop has a couple very small cracks around the lip (see pictures). Everything functions as it ahould, 100% ready to bolt on and ride. Sent from my HTC U11 plus using Tapatalk
  13. Anyone that rebuilds shocks should be able to do them, parts are readily available. I can do them if you want to ship them to San Diego. PM me if you're interested.
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