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  1. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    High Performance Radiators

    Is the mishimoto a good choice as far as fit, finish, and quality?
  2. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    High Performance Radiators

    What high performance radiator’s everyone use these days? I’m looking for one to cool my 421 I’m building. I want to buy one and done.
  3. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Okay thanks everyone for good info. The only other questions is how far forward is ideal to move the a arms? And is a -2 swingarm enough for best traction?
  4. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Okay. Yes a sway bar I have already. My build is a LSR chassis this time and I’m going all out with custom aftermarket everything on this new chassis. Also you think long travel arms are better also or no?
  5. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Okay that is understanding. I suppose with a strong motor setup they have trouble keeping the front down during acceleration? Also what shock height and setup is best to use?
  6. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Okay thanks. I’m understanding everything except what the purpose of using a shorter swing arm is? I’m a small guy about 140lbs?
  7. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Okay I’m not using this bike in a straight line. It is used for pavement only quadcross/flatrack/TT scenario. So I would assume wider is better? And how much forward to move the A-Arms as well as what swing arm length is best?
  8. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Narrower than factory?
  9. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Street Racing Setup

    Looking for input on what’s the best A-Arm width and pitch forward to use for street riding? Currently on a +2 +1 Setup. Also what axle width and swing arm length is ideal to match? Currently using a +2 axle and +2 swing arm. Thanks
  10. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    LSR Racing Chassis

    Looking to find out how much harmonics/vibration you get in the foot pegs over the OEM chassis??? Thanks
  11. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Chassis Builders

    Looking for a chassis builder who can make me a stock geometry chassis. That has all the provisions for full fenders with all the factory mounts and hookups and made from chrome moly. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Engine Builder Search

  13. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Engine Builder Search

    I also want to add that this bike is a Flattrack/TT use mostly with some trail.
  14. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Engine Builder Search

    Has anyone used Roger Allen?
  15. Two_Stroke_for_Life

    Engine Builder Search

    Looking for a engine builder for my build whom I can talk to help me go with what I need for my build from top to bottom. I as of now have nothing and want to go with the best setup I can. I need to get the best power possible for the way I am using this bike. I need someone serious about there work who wont mess around. I'm going with a leave no stone unturned approach. I have used Trinity before but I don't here much talk about them since they went solo. There is also Roger Allen of Wicked Motorsports. Anyone have experience with these people or know of a ideal person????