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  1. LukeSandiefer

    OEM Uncut Fenders-$375

    I'll do $300 you pay shipping.
  2. LukeSandiefer

    OEM Uncut Fenders-$375

    I messaged you
  3. LukeSandiefer

    OEM Uncut Fenders-$375

    Because I need money, Blue
  4. LukeSandiefer

    OEM Uncut Fenders-$375

    I can't post pictures, text me at (734)-770-8450 if you want pictures. Or reach me on Facebook and ill send them there.
  5. $375 shipped. Great condition, always cleaned and taken care of. Has Alba Tribal graphics and Michigan ORV Stickers. No sag either. Located in SE Michigan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. LukeSandiefer

    Wanted-BLUE Tank Cover and Radiator cover

    Just as the title says. Not wanting to pay a ridiculous price either.
  7. LukeSandiefer

    Grill and tank cover

    Im in the same situation
  8. LukeSandiefer

    Custom Headlight Covers

    Is there someone out there who makes/can make custom headlight covers?
  9. LukeSandiefer

    Dynos Near Me?

    Does anyone know of anyone who offers dyno tuning services in Michigan/Ohio area?
  10. LukeSandiefer


    I'll look into them
  11. LukeSandiefer


    Anyone here use dual sport/street helmets? If so what are some inexpensive nice helmets? Getting tired of goggles and my old helmet.
  12. LukeSandiefer


  13. LukeSandiefer


    Oh boy..
  14. LukeSandiefer

    Silver Lake Dunes - Michiganders

    Oh I will, might not be a for a while though.
  15. LukeSandiefer

    Spark Plug Smoke Ring

    What does it mean if the spark plug smoke ring after a plug chop is thick? The smoke ring is about 5/16" thick. The rings are a darkish gray too...