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  1. as soon as i typed soft shaft, i knew where this post would end up
  2. ordered a mac daddy billet water pump kit, not some chi com knock off shit. after some research i see some billet water pumps have soft shafts causing seal wear and leaking. any one have experiance with this brand? thanks
  3. cut my silencers down started polishishing. at about 1hr in i really started to question if my time was worth it as i had 1/4 of 1 pipe done. 550 bucks vs 10hr of getting it right plus supplys?
  4. some products are chinese, pipes look legit. i am all for new products just get some legit proof in the pudding
  5. independent builder dyno sheets would be nice
  6. seen there add on fb, never heard of them before. googled them didnt come up with much on reviews.. whats the scoop on them?
  7. id get the sag adjusted in with rider weight while in the shop,then fine tune every thing while riding
  8. moving just because of a fourwheeler is kind of foolish imo..now if bc of jobs weather and government i could understand. like were leaving good ole NY because the weather sucks sick of the cold, the our tyranical liberal pos govener driving jobs out and driving tax's up. mean while treating gun owners as criminals and letting true cruminals out of prison to roam the streets.
  9. the whole point of having a banshee is because dollar for dollar it is the easyest machine to get power out of and the pull is unreal.. but stock it is kind of a turd fast yes but a raptor 700 yfz hell pretty much any new 4poke would out run it
  10. so sell the toomeys n buy a set of fattys with turbine cores
  11. if your stock master cylinder and calipers work fine and your not doing serious racing. i dont see the need to spend money to upgrade, but its america do as you please
  12. This unique design allows Our Banshee pipe kits to be used in noise sensitive areas, without killing power like all other systems do. Using this Husk Kit, Banshees which normally produce measureable decibels in the 96dBA range, in racing trim, when being measured by US Forest Service Personnel, will read in the area of 86dBA, WELL below the limits of USFS. Also includes our unique and USFS approved Spark Arrestor as well. Double the compliance and no loss of power!!! strait from toomey, as i stated in my first post to you. either the forest ranger dosnt know the laws and is blowing smoke
  13. wow your butt hurt.. id dump the shee and buy a honda 250ex😂
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