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  1. The DNR can see the difference in the weave pattern of the screen. Big difference in hole size when compairing sink strainer to spark arrestor screen. Several people were caught last year by the dnr. The year before I was able to get in with sink strainer....last year it didnt fly.
  2. I tried that last year and DNR caught it...they dont allow that anymore.
  3. I have CPI small bore in frame pipes for my banshee and I need a spark arrested option for the dunes. Curious what your opinions is on the FMF turbine core 2 silencers vs the CPI silencers. I like the look of the CPI silencers over the turbine core 2...but the stock CPIs dont have a spark arrestor. FMF claims that the turbine core doesnt create any extra back pressure over a non spark arrested silencer. Curious if you guys have seen this or not.
  4. Im at 71hp with pro mod trans and HD clutch I feel like it probably a clutch setup issue.
  5. Good point, maybe that is issue. Clutch is brand new HD driveline clutch with HD springs. I may need to figure out how to set it up. The issue only happens where I can not shift from 1-2 or 2-3 or 3-4 if Im at the upper highest RPMs.
  6. shift shaft fine, no wobbling, forks in great shape. Only happens at high RPMs...I wonder if I am over revving it. I have never had any sort of recreational engine that wont shift due to over revving it.
  7. back up...I noticed yesterday that I am having issues at high rpm shifting gears. I already have a Tyson pro cut mod transmission and a brand new shift drum in trans. Engine is making 73hp on a 4mm build. If I dont go as high in the RPMs then it will shift fine but once your at the higher RPMs it will not allow me to shift up another gear. Any idea what this could be?
  8. Yup I cant have a truck due to wheel base to tight of a driveway to maneuver a trailer. I tow with an SUV because it is shorter.
  9. I have limitations to space in driveway, the trailer I have is max I can go already.
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