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    '93 black and red 373 Hot Rods 4mil, +4 swing arm, redline aggressive trail port, +4 timing, lightened flywheel, 30mm oko's, pro circuit pipes, Vforce 4, Chariot head with custom redline domes, redline promod tranny. 110 sunoco, +2+1 alba LT arms, with elkas this is a trail/woods machine that I often take the the sand. #make4:20greatagain

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  1. Clymage

    Carbs 34s, manifold, cable and pods.

    Still gots em?
  2. Clymage

    Slp pipes

  3. How in the mother fuck do I put a background picture on my profile.

    and who the fuck is the douche bag that made this shit welder proof...

    fuck you guy.

  4. I can’t upload the other pics they are to large even when I click on the “small” size i may be able to provide pics over pm (no clue)
  5. Clymage

    Trying to lower my shee, suggestions?

    Alba long travel arms standard length shocks boom done
  6. Clymage

    Dms powersports

    I thought that was just a drag racing thing
  7. Exactly what the tittle says great pro circuits up for trade (or sell whatever) I’m looking for slp im currently sitting on couch drinking (a lot) I’ll add pics later
  8. Clymage

    Dms powersports

    Not that anyone cares but I really like my swing arm looks so magical. I just thought it was weird that it doesn’t use any bearings. But hasn’t made a difference
  9. Still got those slp’s?
  10. Clymage

    Dms powersports

    I’m getting ready to buy a swing arm, I want a +4” arched ladder link. I like how dms powersports looks a lot. But I dont know and can’t find much feed back as to his products performance (it looks good and stout) but I have a buddy who says that he thinks he remembers hearing bad things about them. I really like the look and I’m not going to change the swing arm based on a “maybe I think I might remember”. But if any of you could vouch either way on this product I’d appreciate it.
  11. Clymage

    Driveline Performance stock head mod

    Even better
  12. Clymage

    Driveline Performance stock head mod

    I’m looking at buying one off of ebay
  13. Clymage

    Driveline Performance stock head mod

    I don’t have a stock head to send in (I currently have a modquad coolhead) but I like the idea of looking stock.
  14. Clymage

    Swing arm

    JL isn’t doing swingers right now.