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  1. Will post pictures up shortly, none handy ATM. Barn find 1983 ATC110. Located in Lenox, Michigan. Would make a fun and simple restoration project, or use it for parts to revive another bike. A lot of solid pieces on it that are probably difficult to find.
  2. Dynatek Ignition $220 Shift minder light $60 Both together $260
  3. To the top. I have a lot of vent tubing available. $1.50 a foot.
  4. I have a complete 04 SE set available. PM if interested.
  5. The OEM rear master cylinder is a tried and true system. A lot of guys who build expensive, frame up drag bikes use OEM. I recommend going that route. That's a genuine answer to your question, and I'm not trying to be a salesman, but I have an entire OEM rear brake setup for sale if your interested.
  6. Selling cheap. Tell me what you want to pay and we can work something out.
  7. Facts^^^^, If your building from scratch with top shelve parts, you can get above $20,000 quick. You wanna go deep in the game, you can get to $30,000.
  8. Blue set sold. All are gone now, thanks for shopping.
  9. Just keep your stock carbs. They can feed up to an 80HP motor without a problem.
  10. Gotcha, so you were only interested in the front and rear fenders, but then you come on here bashing my price for a completed 5 piece set. Makes sense buddy
  11. Wow, $233 for each? Theres 5 pieces to a full set, so you paid $1,165?
  12. Thanks Toybreaker. I understand what Gmoney75 is saying, but you have to go through the entire purchase process with Partzilla to see if they have available inventory. I know because I've done it on every single piece of plastic that I sold on here. That's how I've determined my prices. Often times they come back and say "Sorry that item is no longer available and it discontinued", at that point they refund you for that purchase. I've heard it 100X, "I seen that item on this website for $XXX.XX", but no one actually goes through the process of ordering anything to find out of they can actually
  13. You THINK you found OEM plastics on Partzilla. The problem is, they advertise parts as available until after you place your order, then they go back to check inventory and realize they don't have them in stock anymore. I encourage you to place an order with them so you can find out yourself.
  14. If someone posts this on FB and it leads to a sale I'll paypal you $25.
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