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  1. Lol my head lights dont work!!! What to do???? Banshee HQ advice..... RUN LEAK DOWN TEST!!! guy at Yamaha dealer said it lol not me. He finished by saying Retards...... All indications point to him being right. Dying laughing right now lol.
  2. Lol, since you couldn't read, because he was at work and I was working on it google bansheehq sucks and you will see what others think, plus what my group of friends said, this site sucks lol, you all troll for no reason when someone does ask for help, I'm just dishin it back at ya. Yall pissy cause the problem wasn't what you all said and feel all butt hurt lmao. I got the warning on this place just recently, would have known yall were a bunch of crack baby retards I wouldn't have bothered, but now I know, and my shee is fixed, Without your alls help lmao. But as much as I'd li
  3. Retards humpin a football shooting all problems out there to be wrong with a banshee then say they got the right answer lmao
  4. Yeah ill be good, good ole 87 with 60:1, what are you talkin bout, only the best for my shee lmao. No reason to get smart when someone asks for help. I didnt know the problem at first, was aggravated that night, thought Id make a Honda crack since this is a banshee forums site and to give you all something to chuckle about but to get help at the same time and almost instantly got static. Rather blow it up than ask for help on here with how people respond . Thanks for the ones that tried helping that weren't like that and actually you are right. I tried calling my buddy first, hes owned 25
  5. Zilla freak, my buddy came over and we ran one about a hour ago just to be sure and its good. Thanks.
  6. O its running fine now, was a reed issue. Thanks you guys!!! Buddy came up who has 5 banshees and helped me look at it. He gave me a extra set he had, we threw them in and bam, started right up.
  7. Water pump wasn't melted in the way your probably picturing it. It looked fine, but melted on to the shaft, all teeth were there. See this to be honest is my first banshee, and I've down replacements on it before, like pistons, rings, all that, just gets aggravating is all, but I love banshees, and I said I would sale it but I'm not, so besides that, lets get this going, ill run a leak down test on it here in the next few days. I keep focusing on the fact that it ran like it did before the water pump failure and im not saying your wrong, but wouldn't that have shown up before last night? W
  8. Ehhh may be right, but I'm sick of rebuilding, may be time to hit reset and sale it and get a Harley.
  9. It was in neutral off being pulled, I instantly killed it, compression is fine, ran fine earlier today. Pretty sure its not that.
  10. Deadbeat, not sure friend, well actually I know why.... Been a long two days lol, but my brother in law stupid cousin came over, doesn't know anything about four wheelers and kept saying "well if you had a 400 ex this wouldn't be a problem" being annoying and said canam and Polaris scramblers were better machines....... I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in true lies where he broke bill paxtons nose and killed him lol, but I just smiled and kept working on my banshee lol.
  11. Just want to add two things but it wont let me edit on my phone When I said the part about the exhaust, left side compression seemed normal but right didnt seem to have as much.... I want to add this was at idle, and the reason I'm stumped is because I was thinking a reed issue possibly, but why I'm confused, when I throttle both left and right seem to bog down together and if I let off the throttle all the way, it eventually dies. It does kick start as well after the initial pull start. When you put it in to first gear, and throttle up, you can throttle almost all the way but she barel
  12. So I am stumped, lit me list everything in order to make it easy for you all. Btw I'm using a cell phone to type all of this so apologize in advance for grammar errors/auto text..... So a month ago went out riding.... Radiator over flow melted a hole thru it and water pump melted inside. Luckily I cut power and had a utility right there and quickly hooked to that four wheeler and he pulled me in high gear to get airflow on it while I had it in neutral. Fast forward to yesterday and today, I took my water pump in to the glorious Yamaha shop to get it out because of how bad it wa
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