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  1. Ope, my bad. Basically, I read this thread and am happy. I mostly ride dunes so went with a taller ride height. As far as sag goes, I think you shoot for 10-30% of shock travel.
  2. For cast piston follow the OEM guidlines, or what comes with the piston If going with a forged piston 0.0030"-0.0050" I'd probably go for 0.0035" and heat cycle the motor a few times. ring gap http://www.wiseco.com/PDFs/Manuals/RingEndGap.pdf
  3. This is from the suspension guide, and is how I finally got my Floats figured out.
  4. After reading this, http://www.eregulations.com/newhampshire/ohrv/law-enforcement/ , It appears the Toomey kit would make you perfectly legal. Also, Its' only $240. That's alot cheaper than moving. https://toomey.com/catalog/ols/products/banshee-hush-kit-with-integrated-spark-arrestor
  5. Call ATV Galaxy and have them spec some Fox Floats for you. Better use of monies.
  6. Read the suspension guide in the suspension section by tfaith. It's long, but worth it. Depending on your trails, you'll be looking towards xc or mx set ups. Setup your caster, camber, ride height. Alba front a arms, and the best suspension you can afford would help tremendously. Finding someone to revalve your rear shock would be beneficial or a fox, elka, ect. If you need lots of ground clearance and increased traction go with 23" front tire and 22" rears. Otherwise, 21"/20" are easier to find and will handle better. What is your current setup and budget? I can help a little, tfa
  7. That ain't no chicken, that's a cock. A big cock.
  8. Dunes in the middle of summer in Oklahoma, no problems here with a Clarke tank.
  9. Yeah, by oem I meant stock stroke 110mm rod.
  10. Don't get Athena cylinders. Driveline are better http://www.drivelineperformance.com You will have to call them or email them to order the cylinders. Another option is to send your stock cylinders to Redline Racing to be ported. Stock ported are producing same or better than the Athena's these days. http://redlineracing.biz/services/porting/ But to answer your question, 392 kits typically are meant for stock cranks, so just bolt it on and check squish.
  11. I don't know, i think you need to get out your snap gauges and check for roundness.
  12. Unsure what you mean by bolting, maybe explain what you think it means. Bolt-ons are just easily added performance parts. Meaning they just bolt on. Jetting is where you adjust the amount of fuel from the carburetor circuits by changing the "jets" in the carburetor. Each size jet has a different size orifice allowing more or less fuel. Jetting needs to be performed to compensate for some performance enhancements, decrease or increase in intake restrictions, air temp, air pressure, humidity, and/or fuel type. Basically, change jets to keep optimal performance. I recommend you read this
  13. Edit: NVM decided not to dox the guy. Also, it appears that he may have already been banned from the facebook group.
  14. TM Designworks rollers have lasted me pretty well.
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