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  1. Keno

    Sufficient Cooling

    $60 ebay oversized rad and 50/50 antifreeze/water. Engine Ice is a gimmick.
  2. Keno

    SLP, FMF’s or T5.

    https://www.bansheehq.com/forums/index.php?/topic/190998-redline-cnc-stock-cylinder-pipe-test Redline CNC Stock Cylinder Pipe Test Look here. Decide what you want
  3. Keno

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Haha. How do you like your Digatron? Did you use band clamps or weld bungs?
  4. Keno

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

  5. Keno

    After Market Radiators

    I run Prestone universal. No need for anything special.
  6. Keno

    After Market Radiators

    Ebay radiators are fine. Buy the cheapest. Quick search i found some for mid $60. They occasionally drop to around $45.
  7. Do you have the overflow bottle? Or is the overflow tube just routed near your pipes? I'm betting it just burped some coolant out. It'll stop once to coolant level adjust itself. If you had a coolant leak into the cylinders, you wouldn't have any piston wash. The steam cleans the cylinders and pistons pretty good.
  8. Keno

    Banshee not right

    You can put a qtip in a drill and clean the seat sometimes.
  9. Keno

    Powder Coating Vs Sandblasting

    Honestly, i would trash the stock a-arms and buy a set of aftermarket. Look at a set of Alba's.
  10. Keno

    Straight plug

    Spark plug?
  11. Keno

    Is my crank seized?

    It will not spin indefinitely. This is due to energy being lost to friction in the bearings, any surface contacts, friction from the air, and friction from oil. Banshees are not perpetual motion machines.
  12. Keno

    Replacing throttle cable

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=banshee+throttle+cable Lube new cable. Replace old cable with new. Watch youtube Vid-Jeo on how to sync carbs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Keno

    Replacing throttle cable

    Lube new cable, Replace old with new. Watch you tube vidjeo on how to sync carbs.
  14. Keno

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Os that a 4th exhaust port? Lol
  15. Keno

    Engine Temp and Coolant Question.

    145*f isn't hot. You're fine.