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  1. You want 573 pistons. Also, just have redline add them to your order. Edit: yikes looks like Wiseco pistons may be out of stock most places. Or they have a $50 premium. Looks like FAST is subbing with Wossner which are good too.
  2. I'm concerned why everyone has a flame for a head.
  3. I know it doesn’t make sense exactly, but some issues like this have been fixed by running a separate ground from the motor to the frame.
  4. THIS. Best investment in a tool I've made in a while. Bought a Vessel +2 screwdriver several years ago, use it constantly.
  5. Just FWIW resistors come in different tolerance specs from +-1% to +-20%. I assume they are using low tolerance resistors for this application. As long as you are reading something, the spark plug cap is typically usable. They fail open circuit and you would get no reading.
  6. Didn't know this was a problem. The transmission oil should leave enough coating on the plates that they do not rust. Do you by chance have coolant leaking into your oil? Is it milky? Aside from a coolant leak, consider changing oils and see if the rust problem goes away.
  7. Check your brakes. Make sure they are releasing quickly. May have a stuck piston.
  8. Its not the flywheel, stator, coil or plug wires as you stated that swapping the plug caps did nothing. I would check the new reeds that you installed. Make sure the petals are not chipped, broken, or installed wrong.
  9. Email is jd@jdscustoms.com You can create an account when placing an order. Message 87sheerips
  10. Keno

    Hjr 4mil

    Pretty hard to get an accurate reading with a slipping clutch. Get stiffer springs and/or a lockup.
  11. Meh, still better off with a Dyna or a Zeeltronics. As you can program those. But the Motor City Spark's curves are very modern and should be better than stock. You'll like the added response below 6K rpm.
  12. Oh, good point. There would still be friction on the other parts. Disconnect your clutch cable, and rechech the pancake adjuster
  13. My Shearer stinger tubes run up against the top tube of the subframe. Also you showed everyone your address in that video. [emoji33]
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