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  1. So are you actually immigrating to the USA?
  2. I mean the CEO of Tesla smokes a lot of weed...
  3. Any of them that still have people flying the Confederate flag. So look up the Mason-Dixon line and it is anywhere south of there.
  4. Just run a hose from the cap and angle it down like stock. The tiny breather has a ball to act as a check valve and as oil and dirt mix in the check valve area, it gets plugged. This creates a vacuum in the tank leading to your carburetor bowls running dry, leading to a stuck piston. It's happened enough that it is ingrained into everyone to point out how bad those are.
  5. I believe you also need to include medical marijuana into your search. That stuff is still illegal in most places. edit: I guess it is actually still illegal in some states. Texas is one of them.
  6. Ditch the inline filter and clean your tank. Just take the tank off and clean it out. Super easy.
  7. Buy an oversized radiator, any after market impeller as long as it has a hardened shaft. Run water mixed with enough coolant additive to prevent any galvanic corrosion ( I believe its like 15% for most additives) Ensure that you are not detonating any, as that can spike temperature.
  8. Holy fuck, you posted this 27 times.
  9. Don't take it to a shop. Buy a Clymers Guide. Check the eccentric bolt. Watch STB's video on adjusting it.
  10. https://www.motionpro.com/product/01-0813
  11. Obligatory fire pic. Did some night riding. No one here. Hurry up fuckers.
  12. You want 573 pistons. Also, just have redline add them to your order. Edit: yikes looks like Wiseco pistons may be out of stock most places. Or they have a $50 premium. Looks like FAST is subbing with Wossner which are good too.
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