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  1. Thanks Alot! Its going to be hard to let it go....but this machine wants to rip not sit!
  2. 2004 Yamaha Custom 97 HP Banshee -$5500 bought new in 04, I am the only owner with title, I have 15k + invested, purpose built for the whooped comp hills . clocked 65 mph going UP comp hill at Sand mountain, The cub motor has less then 5hrs on it probably more like 2 . Very Clean and EXTREMELY FAST. Not for beginners or kids. So same old story , I don't ride it anymore. It's been parked for 5 yrs. I had it tuned and dynoed at 97HP in February 2014. It ran perfect and strong. ! I was going to keep for life but the time has come, I know you never get your money out you put in and 6k is a ste
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