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  1. Fdnybanshee

    New OEM Plastic and Graphics

    Wonder if they can still be found
  2. Fdnybanshee

    New Banshee plastics

    Doing CPR to the thread...... anyone have orange plastics or red? Oem?
  3. Fdnybanshee

    New Banshee plastics

    Heard about the p.R. Guy- was it sketchy? Or everything was legit with dealing with them?
  4. Fdnybanshee

    A few banshee parts..

    How much for the exhaust?
  5. Fdnybanshee

    tuning carbs

    Old thread, but I'm experiencing the same problems- super frustrating- Toomey T-5c open air box 280 jet, tores eliminator,performed a carb synchronization they were both dead on, then pulled carbs off, cleaned and disassembled both, (stock carbs) replaced both fuel valves, and set the float height to 20-22 mm... Replaced the fuel, new airfilter, and yet, the Right over flow line from the Right carb is pissing fuel, flooding the bike, and boom- no start- it does run for about a min. But once that bowl fills up with fuel, it's the end of story- anyone have any advice? Is anybody here close to the 5boros? Thinking about purchasing new floats all together, but could use some expert advice