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    418cc, 4 mill stroker, over ride tranny, rocket drag pipes, Keihen carbs, +8 swing arm, lots of billet, lone star axle, lone star stem. Tons more

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  1. Zacharysalis

    Port and polish

    Why does everyone say ride.race.love is junk?
  2. Zacharysalis

    Port and polish

    Anyone know an average price of redline ?
  3. Zacharysalis

    Port and polish

    I was wondering where the best place to get a port polish around Portland and about how much it will cost do not have stock cylinders I'm not sure what they are
  4. Zacharysalis

    Sale sale sale. Three bikes parting out

    Headlights ? Tail light ?
  5. Zacharysalis

    Rocket drag pipes

    Lol so funny that my question turned into a debate
  6. Zacharysalis

    Rocket drag pipes

    Best I have right now http://imgur.com/DT4U5v2
  7. Zacharysalis

    Rocket drag pipes

    How do I know If I have original rockets or r2
  8. Zacharysalis


    I have brushed steel rocket drag pipes is there anywhere I can get them chromed or any way I can get them to stop rusting without painting them
  9. Zacharysalis

    Wanted banshee headlights

    Still need has ones I want but wrong mount
  10. Zacharysalis

    Wanted banshee headlights

    I need some head lights last set I bought put on jumped my bike and the lights fell out would prefer a billet set but would take stock
  11. Zacharysalis

    418cc banshee?

    So is there anyway I can check without tearing the whole engine apart
  12. Zacharysalis

    418cc banshee?

    What's wrong with it ?
  13. Zacharysalis

    418cc banshee?

    Eugene , robert
  14. Zacharysalis

    418cc banshee?

    it is a 4mill so i wonder what it actually is everything else about it is correct so maybe it doesnt even actually have a 4mill in it? but everything else that was written in the add was correct
  15. Zacharysalis

    418cc banshee?

    i just recently bought my banshee off craigslist and on post it said it had a 418cc bore but i have been looking up bore kits and yet to find a kit that does a 418, so my question is is that bore size even possible or is it just a fib? Thanks.