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  1. eBay has tons, just make sure you do a DC conversion and keep wattage under 70
  2. What didn’t you like when running pump gas?
  3. I’m 148/52 at 2000 ft with Snipers. It’s jetted rich
  4. Sorry just seen this. I have way different pipes and jetting will be way off on mine (too big) I can look if you like, you’ll be way below my jetting with the Snipers which takes more fuel
  5. I think it’s carbs and not electrical. I think your main is too big.
  6. When it’s built hit me up with your jetting. I’ve had issues with my 28s being super finicky between pipes. I bought some 33s I may switch over. Might just be my carbs though …
  7. You’ll lose as much as 7-10 hp I’m guessing from the Shearers. As you mentioned, they do best with inframe drag pipes, the DMC will be awesome for trails no doubt. I pulled 87 hp with SLP amd 91 with Shearers with the exact same set up as what your about to build. My numbers are in the dyno section
  8. Didn’t Kan Powersports do a video or write up about why you shouldn’t use those bearings? anyway good to see you back at it
  9. That’s impressive! I’ve never caught one. Personal record or have you caught bigger? Any tips? I will be on Rainy Lake this summer, want to try for one.
  10. Buy the oversized one from eBay. Doesn’t matter who makes it, they all seem to work.
  11. Oversized rad, Mull impeller, aftermarket head
  12. Same, I bought three vessels. It’s a legit big difference than using a Phillips
  13. Buy a JIS (Japanese industrial standard) screw driver for those shit screws on the bowls
  14. He is starting you off high on the main which is safe. Your pilot shouldnt change, your main jet will drop no doubt until you find the sweet spot. Buy some jets and plugs and get testing. I bought the Driveline oversized bowls with easy access to the main like a Kehein carb.
  15. So your maxed out also? I guess maxed out is good enough. caleb you look like you have 4-5 degrees now, what about when you sit on it? If it’s 3-5 degrees run it
  16. K&T are one of the very best in the business. Might as well port and get some more power.
  17. plugged pilot is my guess edit, just read you changed pilots. Were they new? Sounds so much like a pilot issue to me.
  18. So your running a 421 then? A 68 mm bore you should be running a 24cc dome , 21 your in race gas territory. and disregard my jet choices since I thought you were run I g stock jugs
  19. Missed the broke head part sorry. That changes everything. Its not a stroker crank or ordered stroker domes? 21cc shouldnt be too high of compression to do that i would think?
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