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  1. gusto

    *** St Anthony's May 2021***

    Borders closed for me boys.... anyway, do you guys change domes? Heard the elevation is high there? How did the bikes run?
  2. gusto

    Will Trade

    Send me a PM with what you got, I may buy em
  3. gusto

    Assassin sniper pipes

    Chrome or ceramic coat them. Raw is a massive pain in the ass
  4. Talk to Bill on here from DL his name is BansheeHP. He was doing boost ports and seeing big results. If your going DL I would definitely enquire. As for the 70 mm bore , they did a couple of sets and I think it would be a real sleeper and you’d beat a lot of people with that stock looking setup. i have no clue on DL cranks, best to talk to them. I’d enquire about the bearings, make sure they’re Japanese.
  5. Wampus has a smaller water jacket due to them trying to look stock so consider that. If your wanting to look stock get DL. If your field riding and dragging get the hp cylinder. Have Lane do a 70mm cylinder for you and make a real sleeper. There was a set on here last year that last Omer awesome with boost ports added. I’d do that. run 35s: or go RDZs drive line cylinder set up for more power
  6. gusto

    Redline Racing Build

    I would look hard at a welded stock crank with a DriveLine 392 top end. Cheap and with the right pipe your in the 70 hp range
  7. All I can say is I wished I kept all my engines... prices in Canada are insane. 5k is about average price
  8. TDR cranks are top notch from what I’ve heard. mid go Driveline cylinders and crank, have one guy do it all
  9. gusto

    Motor problem started 2 weeks ago

    Do a pressure test and compression test before you do anything else
  10. gusto

    Banshee bogs when warm

    Try a 27.5 pilot
  11. What your wanting and what your buddy is telling you are two different things. Your ordering a LP 421, NOT a hp 421. So your already not getting a drag engine. Therefore your 34mm carbs are actually a perfect choice and I would not consider changing them. if you want to build a drag bike, you need to switch your cylinders and then you can consider bigger carbs, although still not needed. 19cc dimes and vp110 is costly and unless this is a real drag bike (cut, stretched, and lengthened) you absolutely don’t need it. if your building a general purpose fast dune bike, your current choice is perfect.
  12. gusto

    Need info on big bore kits!

    What’s your budget? porting from a reputable shop will be 300-400 plus bore and pistons your 500-600. It will make a big difference in power, especially if you have good pipes and reeds. or Driveline 392 cc kit for 800 thats what if look into
  13. gusto

    Theses plugs look rich still?

    https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5be4d5b35ffd2095efa9bdff/t/5bf1a09b6d2a7391b5a84730/1542561947962/KeihinCarbJetting-2015.pdf Study this, if you learn this you’ll know what to do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. gusto

    Theses plugs look rich still?

    Example, if you move your needle to create a richer position and the bog gets worse that means you’ll need less gas. So you will need a smaller pilot jet. And get your air screws to work perfectly from a half a turn out to 1.5-2 turns out from being fully seated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. gusto

    Theses plugs look rich still?

    Move your needle clip to determine your pilot. You’ll get it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk