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  1. Stock is good enough with your high flow impeller
  2. Buy a stock yamaha stator
  3. Yes. I think youve found the problem, the lighting coil on the stator
  4. Can vary drastically in price. 4 mil stocker 1500 4 mil serval 2500 stock stroke stock cylinder 500-1000 There are builders getting reliable 77hp out of stock stroke stock clyinder engines with your pipes, porting, carb boring, and head shave. Unless your a heavy guy id go that option and save money
  5. If its already on the bike and all you need is a piston, run it. Is the cylinder scored so bad it needs re-plating?
  6. I think it was a bad move. Unless your cylinders are finished your stock cylinders are the way to go. Athena has bad plating and port timings I’ve read makes the power band narrow. You would have been better getting Driveline cylinders which have taken that design and improved it and drastically improved the plating.
  7. If you get long travel a arms you’ll need different shocks.
  8. Id do the a arms first. LSR sells an axle a arm package.
  9. If we dont get an exemption from the buy American plan, Canada will be in bad shape.
  10. If it is what it looks like (87) I don’t think it was even available in the States. I’ve seen 85-86, never seen an 87 ever although I had the brochure when I was a kid
  11. Apparently this will be at my house Sunday. Posted for sale this morning in Alberta, my buddy in eastern Ontario bought it as soon as it hit the market. Seems to good to be true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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