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  1. 18" and 19" slicks are what we run on the 1/8. Longer than that, American Racer is better. You could also play with your gearing. We run 18-19 front sprocket and small rear (36-37-38). If your motor can pull a 19 front, play with the rear one because it's faster to change it. Bigger front sprocket does put less stress on the output shaft, so it's a win/win.
  2. Does the Chariot cover have transmission bearing support?
  3. Hi all, i've made an other one for you guys...if you want to test it, hit me up.[emoji111]
  4. This is not the final version...i didn't have time to do a destructive testing. However, i can make you one if you want...
  5. Only need a wrench or a ratchet to adjust your desired riding height.
  6. With rear load of the bike, it doesn't at all
  7. I've made an "on-the-go" adjustable rear link. It's still a prototype but i'll make another one with solid bar stock machined with cnc to avoid welding... Threaded rod is 3/4" and bar stock's 1"*1" MIG welded. I tested it on my dirt drag, asphalt drag and trail banshees and it's bullet proof. No need to change your shock length anymore and no need to switch the hole positionning on your drop bar.
  8. That will be my last step but if someone needs a clean untouched serval before i port it...but you're right, i can port it to what i want
  9. I want to trade my 421 Wampus Serval with clean up port for a 421 Cheetah Cub. Nikasil is in good shape. 185 psi with 19cc domes. Was in my asphalt drag banshee...it has tons of torque but not that much hi-revv for drag racing. Motor was running on C12.
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