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  1. ATV Galaxy has job availability is part/accessories sales and online marketing. If you have a strong knowledge of ATV/Motorcycle aftermarket parts and live in the southern California area please contact us. info@atvgalaxy.com
  2. ATV Galaxy

    Thoughts on Chevy Avalanche?

    I had a Chevy Avalanche and it was very practical, I'd buy another if I needed a truck. The extra side locking storage and locking bed cover was a plus. Very roomy inside for a truck as well. I had the Z71 version and it did well off-road. Sure they may not be the prettiest but very practical.
  3. We just wanted to wish everyone here on BansheeHq a Merry Christmas! We will be offering 10% off (original price) everything in our eBay store. To take advantage of these offer just drop me a pm of the item (item number) you're interested in with your contact info or if you have PayPal you can send your PayPal email and I'll send you a request/invoice. As long as I receive the PM on the 25th you will get the discount. I will respond to all pm's on Thursday. http://stores.ebay.com/ATV-Galaxy Thanks, Dave
  4. bump This deal is still going on.
  5. Same 245.95 shipped in the US except HI, AK
  6. ATV Galaxy

    Suzuki LT250 for GF?

    these are great girls bikes because the are easy to ride and have reverse. I bought one for an old GF and added A-Arms, Stage 4 elka, steering stem and a bunch of other fancy stuff. I left the motor stock and never had any issues
  7. ATV Galaxy

    Roll Design foot pegs

    thanks for the heads up.
  8. yes we still have them and 245.95 shipped to 74849
  9. ATV Galaxy

    Lonestar sport a-arms +2+1

    Not that I am aware of.
  10. ATV Galaxy

    Roll Design foot pegs

    I have i set in stock
  11. ATV Galaxy

    campsite pranks

    at least he gets a choice, that's a start.
  12. ATV Galaxy

    lonestar Axles for your banshee

    bump. In stock and ready to ship.. Price drop! 289.95 shipped in the usa. (except Hi & Ak)
  13. ATV Galaxy

    hiper wheel package.

    plenty of wheel in still in stock. Same day shipping if ordered before 3pm pacific time.
  14. ATV Galaxy

    Lonestar sport a-arms +2+1

    I have 6 sets coming to us in the next week or 2. All will be Black If your interested in raw finish it is the same price. Just pm me or give me a call. 949-863-1418 ex.203