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    1988 Yamaha banshee motofast 2 into 1 exhaust,uni air filter,+4 timing, works dual rate shocks.2001 blue banshee uni filter, jet kit, toomey t5 pipes but sold

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  1. HomesteadBanshee

    Cheetah cub cylinders and parts

    Who ported then?
  2. HomesteadBanshee

    rebuild or dump the machine

    If you rebuild it just keep you know what you have into it if you decided to get rid of it as is let me know I’ll buy it blown.
  3. HomesteadBanshee

    rebuild or dump the machine

    It’s worth rebuild it.these bikes are on the rise price wise.i know they held value but recently. I can’t lie, prices have been going up.i honestly got my 88 that I bought running with a title ,so cheap that some times, I think About it and I got it for free.it blew not to long ago but I’ll just rebuild It.which I’m in the process of doing so. Im just gonna build me a nice shee since I got it so cheap.
  4. HomesteadBanshee


    You could do all the tricks of the trade paint promoter for plastic like bulldog and it will still cracking bend chip it will look good till it starts doing all the above.your best bet if you don’t wanna use the yellow Plastics is sell them and buy The color you want or find some one to trade but I would paint them it never holds up.
  5. HomesteadBanshee

    rebuild or dump the machine

    Like banshee sand rider said if you gotta think about it you should sell it seems like you don’t have much interest to ride at the moment.
  6. HomesteadBanshee

    rebuild or dump the machine

    I’ll buy it if you decide to sell it.
  7. HomesteadBanshee

    Reving out on its own

    Mind did that one time but it was cause the carbs came out of sync.
  8. The boost ports seem like a good idea I might tell bill or lane that I want a set of boost ports If they tell me there advice on the setup and get some porting done on the cylinders when I order mine but I think ima stay 68mm bore.
  9. Why do you feel I should have lane do a 70mm Bore for the cylinder and boost ports? You think it would improve on the driveline cylinders with the boost ports added?
  10. I was looking at the wampus because there cheaper than cub cylinders I’ve seen both because I have neighbors that have both and and the cub is a full drag 10 mil and the wampus Is a 4 mil 421 used for all type of riding.i was looking at the driveline because I have a few parts and I know there product are good and I’ve heard good reviews on there kit.I just want personal review on drivelines power and pros and cons.like I said I told lane I’ll be going 421 4mil with 35mm carbs and driveline billet head and domes and some hand coned exhaust from Kenny and he honestly said you can’t go wrong with either cylinder he offers.but I wanted to know more about his cranks aswell, how do they hold up?
  11. Which cylinder would you recommend for my type of riding?
  12. What are your opinions which cylinders would you guys use between 4 mil stock cyl,driveline or Wampus ?what are the pros and cons on either setup?
  13. Lol hell no, I can’t lie I wish I can afford a billet crank from crankworks but I can’t afford a billet crank Let alone one from crankworks.
  14. Tony is local for me how are his crank.you have bad review for driveline crank.