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  1. Tony Doukas Racing

    Delta V Force 4 Reed in Fiber for Nitrous & Turbo

    I will get some pics tomorrow.
  2. We make fiber reeds for the Delta V Force cages in different thicknesses and tensions that are resilent to methanol and have the stiffer requirements. Contact us at 941-505-0800 or tdrinc@embarqmail.com $65.00 for a set of 8 petals
  3. Tony Doukas Racing

    Has anybody had issues ordering parts from TDR?

    Never talked to Ducman personally but send a PM to fix the issue. Besides I have 2 Duc's in the garage. I am an avid motorcycle racer as well.
  4. Tony Doukas Racing

    NEW TDR Tony Doukas Racing Website

    They are done. I just have not had the time to list them . call me or e-mail me at tdrinc@embarqmail.com
  5. Tony Doukas Racing

    NEW TDR Tony Doukas Racing Website

    Yes we do. I have several different ones available. Call me at 941-505-0800. As well as all the go fast goodies
  6. Our new website is up and running. Check it out for performance and OEM parts. www.tdrrz.com
  7. Tony Doukas Racing

    Forged 10 mil crank

    Yes give me a call
  8. Tony Doukas Racing

    Forged 10 mil crank

    $800.00 TDR Crank I buy just the webs and they are completely assembled with max load bearings. TZ as an option. Welded and pinned in the center.
  9. Tony Doukas Racing

    Hinson 8 plate inner basket ?

    Most of my customers do not know this but we have to advertise at a specific minimum retail price or we lose our dealer status. Those that sell for cheaper on EBAY eventually get caught and the price either changes or they are dropped by the supplier.
  10. Tony Doukas Racing

    Used Stock Stroke Crankshaft rebuilt by TDR

    shows it went but paypal is slow right now.
  11. Tony Doukas Racing

    Used Stock Stroke Crankshaft rebuilt by TDR

    OK sending invoice SOLD!!
  12. Tony Doukas Racing

    Used Stock Stroke Crankshaft rebuilt by TDR

    They are locating pins just like the OEM Yamaha crank. They have to be positioned in the groves at the seam of the cases.
  13. Took this out of a customers atv that has been sitting indoors for years . Serial # 16,270 so it was one of the last cranks that I rebuilt. That is how many crankshafts we rebuilt in the days. Stock outside OEM webs, Hot Rods forged inner webs that are rebuildable, hot rods connecting rods, and NTN bearings. Welded in the center. $ 175.00 shipped.
  14. The ULTIMATE Front Wheel Bearing for Spindle mount wheels. Silicon Carbide Wheel bearings for 5/8 spindle mount wheel will give you the best reduction in rolling resistance. $ 35.00 each. We also stock all the rear axel bearings as well. Call me for pricing. 800-321-6354 or 941-505-0800 Silicone Carbide, Ceramic bearings are the Ultimate in the reduction of rolling resistance caused by standard style wheel bearings. 40% LESS FRICTION over steel bearings. 60% less rotating mass & weight. 3 to 5 times the bearing life with no maintenance required. These bearings have been used for years in all the motorsports areas. Nascar, NHRA Dragsters, Indy Car & Formula 1, SCCA, IHRA, AMA Road Racing. Available in almost any bearing size. Rear axle ceramic bearings are also available.