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    Billet Kicker

    Looking for a good used billet kicker. Or maybe even a stock oem if someone has one. Thanks

    Chariot Billet Clutch Cover

    Being able to see if the water pump is spinning with a clear cover is something I've dreamt about for ages! FINALLY!!! Hats off again to chariot. Also I'm about to purchase a new chariot clutch basket because my stocker is severely grooved and gear is loose.

    Compression test question

    First of all I would use a snap on comp tester because they give very accurate readings.Make sure gauge hose fitting is properly hand tightened so the rubber gasket makes a good seal. Also make sure your getting the engine up to operating temp and holding the throttle wide open while checking the compression. Keep kicking it over untill the needle stops moving on the gauge.....the readings on each cylinder shouldn't be more than a few psi difference from one another.

    Pipe suggestions.

    I've owned t5's,fmf sst and fattys,also pro circuits and cpi. With a setup like your describing with every single bolt on mod except a port job, I would recommend the pro circuit's excellent power throughout powerband. I've begun to stay away from the T5,which was at one point and time my favorite type of pipe. Their lazy in my opinion.


    I been riding banshee's for the last 10-15 years and have experimented with different reeds. Vf2 and vf3, my 2's just recently cracked and split causing the bike to not start, so instead of rebuilding them I just went ahead and ordered the 4's. Wow, they are amazing, very snappy and crisp throttle through out the powerband. Almost feels like it's fuel injected the throttle response is so consistent.....

    OEM airbox lid

    Ok cool can you please send me a pic of the top side and underside? 225-717-2304

    OEM airbox lid

    Does anybody have a stock air filter lid for sale?

    Set of oem brake line

    Looking for a good used set of oem brake lines. Looking for all the tubing from the reservoir down to the calipers.
  9. Looking for a mint set of stock exhaust. Header pipes, silencers and mid pipes. Also want a set of oem front brake lines. Restoring an 06 banshee back to oem spec.
  10. DEREEL

    complete set of stock exhaust

    Looking for a stock set of exhaust pipes that are in excellent condition. Trying to restore a 2006 banshee to oem spec. Thanks Derrick
  11. DEREEL

    Random parts for sale

    Just wondering if the lonestar axke is stock length?
  12. DEREEL


    Im looking for a stock axle that is in great condition. Must have good threads,good splines and not bent. IF anyone has one for sale please let me know.
  13. DEREEL

    Stock bore cylinders

    Hi. Can you do 125.00 shipped? Thanks
  14. DEREEL

    41mm alky PWKs, etc.

    Pm sent on lonestar axle
  15. DEREEL

    2003 banshee part out

    Send me a pic or two of axle. 2257172304 thanks
  16. DEREEL

    Getting cylinder dowels out..

    I had a tough time getting them out also. I soaked them with kroil then let them sit overnight. Next day they twisted out easily with a small pair of channel locks.
  17. DEREEL

    BLING BLING cheap!

    Do you have the intake in the background for sale?
  18. DEREEL

    Parts parts parts CHEAP!

    How much for the front and rear chain sliders?
  19. Installing a new chain and swingarm so just trying to freshen things up. Let me know what u have.