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    94 Shee (First Build) Black and yellow Fmf gnarley's K&N w/prefilter Alba +2 a-arms +2 Tusk Axle 20inch Holeshot GNCC rears Motion Pro CR twist and carb caps Boyesen power reeds Pro taper bars
  1. I've got a bunch of stock parts laying around the shop. Stock A-arms (painted black, c/w bearings and dust caps) $90 +shipping Purple Renthal bars $20 +shipping 1 good lh cylinder stock bore $100 +shipping stock front brake lines $20 +shipping Stock head decent shape $40 +shipping Stock axle straight $50 +shipping LH Spindle $15 +shipping probably got more that I cant think of right now. PM for pics
  2. Those LT450R's just bolted right in with the adaptor removed? are they at all adjustable?
  3. Sounds good. Im in vancouver
  4. Ah Canadian too! that length should work for me, how much?
  5. Looking for some long travel shocks for my alba a-arms.
  6. looking for a pair of 17inch works, elkas, or something that will work with my alba a-arms
  7. Where did you find the 17" elkas? I have the same alba arms and want some long travel shocks
  8. Hi, I've just built a fresh top end and need to figure out where I should be at with my jetting. The guy I bought it from ($1200!) had a 310 main in one carb and a 200 in the other! I've got fmf gnarly's and a k&n with prefilter and no lid. I've got 290's in it now and it seems close judging from the plug color. But I'm wondering if I should upsize the pilots as they are 25's right now. I'm around Vancouver BC so elevation would be from sea level to around 1500'. Seems like I've got one plug darker than the other. I'll do a wot check and see where they are at. (just breaking it in so
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