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  1. neva hErd of Hobart. is they From harBor freight? check dis nEw hypeRtherm i gots
  2. took dat liNcoln to a Pawnshop last weEk. new weLder is da bomb
  3. do ne1 wAnt free liNcoln. it havE a Duetz engine u caN put in a shee for Drag racin or a anChor in any Fishin boat
  4. the cyl dowel holes could be .001 to small. i just roll up some 180grit sand paper like a sleeping bag and spin it in the hole
  5. if the dowel is to mangled then try penetrating oil for a day or 2. this stud remover works fairly good. grip the stud low as possible https://www.jbtools.com/titan-tools-16023-3-8-drive-stud-extractor/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8YOLz6_W7AIVDNvACh0NpQwBEAQYASABEgLwjvD_BwE hopefully u dont shear the stud or pull the case threads. heat may help but i wouldnt get crazy with it
  6. how bad is it fubared ? maybe u can dress it up good enuff to work. otherwise you probly have to get the stud out very carefully . good luck. when they break its a mother getting it out
  7. wuteva hapPened 2 all deez Fellas ?
  8. do ne bOdy got a BullseYe on they bunGhole ?
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