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  1. fellas its good day. got new miller for da garage. work truck we took of da lincon and put on nearly new miller. 10yo but only has 60hr . it weld 7018 like a dream
  2. so what if its egged out. seal should still fit with a big hammer
  3. how many passes u make and how often u want to change sprockets? aluminum is the lightest option but doesnt hold up as long. steel weighs a metric ton and sucks balls all the way around really. chromo isnt much heavier than aluminum but shits expensive. price wise it might b a wash for 2 alunimum or 1 chromo but youll change alinum more often
  4. do u have advance timing? +8 should clean any oil out
  5. ok. jb weld has very consistence like syrup. devcon f is firmer like playdo and is excellent resistance to any engine fuel. i never tried jb in a engine
  6. claude u making a structural repair or only filling a port to change the shape ?
  7. devcon f putty holds up to gas. methanol and nitromethane. ive got a bunch in my engine for about 5yr and its doing well
  8. check dis new wrench i got bruh. perfect for da shee. i gots 2 more in bigger size and they dope as fuk
  9. wonder wuts all deez bishes look like now. prolly gotz 3kids and a muffin top hahahha
  10. automotive machinist usualy aint worth a fuk unless u stand there and hold their hand. anything besides a car block and they get dumbfounded
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