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  1. One dome has some detonation marks. Will need o-ring and stud kit. Anodized red, comparable to the girl still at the bar by herself 10 minutes before closing, certainly not the best looking but it'll do. $125 shipped to the lower 48. Can't get pics to upload. Text (989) 86zero-1608 for pictures.
  2. Bad unit for sure. Putting together a max effort 5.3 sbe with a bunch of spray in an '02 TA.. th400, 9", radials. It's too hard to keep up with Turbo cars though, I give up lol
  3. $800, came with a box of parts with pro design cool head in decent shape, pair of nice cylinders, and another box with a bunch of junk I'll probably scrap
  4. Yeh. Wouldn't tell me much about it.. looked it up and its not reported stolen so figured why not, he came down in price and it's not a far drive. Poured a bunch of water out of the cases and clutch side rod bearing is fried..
  5. Just picked this up. Junk but it should be an interesting project lol... makes you wonder what goes through people's heads
  6. I hate hate hate the flares, the guy before me put them on. Perfectly clean under them, but it wore away the paint down to sealer. They're coming off this fall when the truck gets painted.
  7. I cant believe how dead this place is lol, been awhile since I logged on.
  8. Tyler this is random, but do you find the brace on the chain side of the arm to help a lot on the long ones? Have just noticed it on your last bike and your brothers.
  9. Living at home is great. Could never afford to have the stuff I've got otherwise.
  10. Last day in Indianapolis for PRI tomorrow.. Ready to be home
  11. Basically. Sunny af out. And photo bucket kinda ruins *some* quality Hope you like my professional photographs xoxo Definitely one of my favorite wrapped c7s Full carbon gt350 R34 sedan "LSX Willys" Some pos 12v
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