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    2001 banshee- 421 drag ported, 4 mil crank, 35mm carbs with oversized bowls, coolhead, shearer inframes, raptor 700 calipers, yfz450 master cylinder, POD'S, billet water impeller, shift star, +3 timing, f.a.s.t. clutch kit

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  1. mike0chek


    ive always been able to put the bike in gear with the engine off, pull the clutch and the bike will roll. i cannot do this since i installed billet basket new pressure plate and new inner hub??
  2. mike0chek


    sling shot fit under oem clutch cover?? im starting to think my clutch is not staying fully engaged at WOT sometimes. my clutch ball looks fine so does the pushrod no mushrooming on the ends. i noticed the adjuster on the pancake bearing is pretty well maxed out to get the arm and case marks lined up under the carb. should i have any threads still on the adjuster? im going to pull the clutch arm out next
  3. mike0chek


    hey guys, had my 4mil out on some logging roads a few weeks ago and felt like my clutch was slipping a tiny bit at WOT 5th and 6th gear. seemed to be over revving at the top of those gear slightly. still hit 149kph on my gps but ive seen closer to 160kph in the past with the same 15/41 gears. its a 4mil 421 cub hjr full drag port, shearer pipes, VF4's, 35mm keihins oversized bowls, 8 inch pods, +4 timing on pump gas. so i pulled the clutch last night to inspect and install some parts. it has HD plates and springs from fast with not many hours on them. oil that drained looked fine and so did the plates (no glazing) i replaced the stock basket that i had filed down grooves in the past with a chariot billet basket along with new oem pressure plate and oem hub. is this clutch setup enough to handle the power my engine is making?? or something else causing the minor slipping? is there anything else i should inspect or modify before putting clutch cover back on? also, what oil is best for this type motor?? it shifts like butter and does not creep foward at all with the clutch pulled in
  4. mike0chek

    elka suspension color??

    cool thx man, im looking on prism powder coating and they have so many reds to pick from its hard to tell
  5. mike0chek

    elka suspension color??

    i have elka legacy shocks and want to powder coat some parts the same red. anyone know if elka is anodized red or???
  6. mike0chek

    7 mill

    nice progress man, i recently installed the same suspension ur gonna like it
  7. mike0chek

    421 Cub Part out

    are they stock plastics?
  8. mike0chek

    F.A.S.T. customer service

    x100 very helpful/competitive prices
  9. mike0chek

    Should I get these Works shocks??

    couldnt agree more, stock shocks are trash so is a stock head. so trade spend roughly 375 and have a nice cheap suspension upgrade compared to $1200+ for elkas
  10. mike0chek

    Should I get these Works shocks??

    ^^^ this happens waaay too much lol its worth what its worth to each individual
  11. mike0chek

    Backfiring again.

    i would not run them, but post some pics of the domes/piston failure. i thought 160psi is pushing your limits for pump fuel? someone else confirm that? if you do replace the domes maybe drop your compression to something safer for pump gas?
  12. mike0chek

    Vf3 replacement peddles vs VF4

    right on. i just remember going from ported stock cages with boysen peddles to v force's and hold on harvey!
  13. mike0chek

    Beed drag gearing & setup advice

  14. mike0chek

    ****Post those Shee Pictures****

    thats tight man, kinda cool with beadlocks only on the rear
  15. mike0chek

    Purple Power 421 Serval

    damn right man i like getting new tools as much as new parts lol^^