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  1. Thanks man. Yeah I want people to know what a crank that you shouldn't buy looks like.
  2. No, didn't you read the post at the beginning. I was asked to post pics of this crank once I swapped it with my hot rod crank.
  3. No I found out the hard way, its not what I was expecting to get when I bought his kit. Yes I did get a hot rods crank from redline, thats because if you spend the money on a nice topend you don't want a crank ruining it when the rods break or bend cause of the extra hp. Nothing happened to the crank, your right about that. Kevin did a good job with my motor. I think the best thing you can do is do your research and know what parts are being put in the motor ahead of time. Since you do live that close it may benefit you to have him build it. But I would also call redline to see what he says. T
  4. I just bought the spacer and have had the cascade spring for awhile now. I am put the spacer in and it makes it still. Once the shee is back together next week I can let you know what it feels like and how it performs. I had the cascade spring tightened down very tight and it wasnt enough. Hopefully the spacer helps out.
  5. So I bought this seat cover off of eBay, thinking it would match my shees powdercoated parts. It didn't, so now im selling. I paid 45 for it new and im asking 30 for it shipped to your door. It has never been used.
  6. True. But it will look good with them new cylinders.
  7. Its not about looks but how it runs lol.
  8. Well ive already paid for the hot rod crank. I will take pics of the bronze rod crank when I pick it up. Not to worried about my loss, just caught me off guard and was disappointed to say the least. To find out it wasn't what I was expecting. Cam is a banshee genius and I trust him. Thats why he is building the motor for me. Spared no expense with this one, and i know what im getting cause he is building it.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I wont be calling it again. Loco, the crank is at redline. I wont have pics for a few more weeks until I get it back. Who is sleeper06? Im assuming he rebuilds them.
  10. So I had my motor built by Hjr awhile back and only rode it 6 times since then. I purchased his 4 mil kit for the stock cylinders. I had him put in the crank. Until the other day I had not seen the crank that was put in the motor. I had it built with lack of knowledge or I wouldn't be writing this. Since then ive learned alot. So back on track here. I took my motor to redline to get a serval put on and also do a pro mod trans. When he saw my crack, he explained that the cranks with the bronze colored rods had problems. He recommended that I put in a hot rods crank cause of the amount of money
  11. I am selling a k and N filter with billet adapter for a stock airbox. I am asking 60 shipped.
  12. I had the same thing happen to me. On a aftermarket swingarm. The bracket isn't as wide so the bolt seems to big. Call cascade innovations and tell them you got a new swingarm and the bolt is to big. They sell for a few bucks. 2 nice machined spacers that go on each side of the bracket. You can get polished or just machine finish.New swingarm should come with those spacers. they work great and are very strong.
  13. If that means the reeds are bad just pm me and we can work out a price.
  14. I just did and you can see little dots where the light comes through.
  15. I have 2 sets of vf2 reeds that I got from a coworker. They came off his sons and his banshee after they switched to vf3. I dont know much about these reeds or anything. All I can tell is, the set with the v force stickers on the sides fit snug in the reed cage and the other set wiggle around a little bit. Im asking 85 obo shipped for the better set. im asking 65 for the other set. If you live in Oregon close to me and want them I can go cheaper. Pm for any more info. These are as is. The pics below are the ones that fit loose. The pics below are the nicer set
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