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  1. ginger

    Head and Tail lights dont work

    just some info dump here. OEM banshees dont have battery's, never have. They power everything off of the stater, the stater has a coil for spark, and one for the light circut. This being said it has to be running for the lights to work, You also need to have a voltage regulator, normally it is mounted to the frame on the back of the subframe, by the CDI box. IF not, the stater can put out too much power when you rev it and blow all the bulbs. Only time you will see a Bat on a banshee is when someone put a DC conversion kit on, so they can have more power for a LED light bar, or to try some fuel injection stuff etc.
  2. Redline, and Fast are both really good. Herrs i have heard mixed reviews.
  3. ginger

    Hole in banshee case?

    im not sure where your second hole is, but the one on the top of the cases is so if the carbs leak or anything it doesnt pool on top of the cases.
  4. ginger

    Hole in banshee case?

    if its leaking through the one, thats by the rear of the cylinders, its most likely your carbs leaking and its working its way through.
  5. mine maybe warms up idle wise a minute, then it gets a little bit of a ride, maybe a football field length, then i beat on it. Just preventing a cold seize is all.
  6. ginger

    New Banshee Build

    i dont feel so bad about my build seeing these numbers. lol
  7. ginger

    Any tips on jumping the banshee

    is it bone stock? just something most people are going to want to know before answering., Also how big of jumps are we talking?
  8. ginger

    New Banshee Build

    dont buy them if you dont have them. i only have them because they came on mine when i got it and have been waiting for them to break. buy some good ones with a bushing where it meets the frame and a ball joint for the spindle. the rod ends wear out and squeak like hell on the full flight setup.
  9. ginger

    Straight plug

    what are you trying to say popped out?
  10. if your that worried that things arent right, send it to a vendor here. most of them all they do is banshees, so everything will be perfect when you put it back in.
  11. its not just pump its mixed 50/50 with race gas. octane isnt the problem, the pitting and stuff is from a melt down or detination from a head leak, My guess is that you have a air leak somewhere and it sucked air on that cylinder causing it to melt down,
  12. ginger


    its really hard to get paint to hold up well, between the flex and rocks it always ends up looking crappy. You need to sand all the plastics and have a paint mixed up and sprayed with a lot of the stuff they put in it for flex, like what they paint car bumpers with. It wont stop rock chips and will most likely cost as much as plastics would
  13. ginger

    Anyone run SLP pipes?

    i have them on my stock cylinder 4mil stroker, and love them, best comparison is they are like a CPI pipe, but start pulling at a lower RPM and fall off before a cpi will. almost the same curve, just shifted to lower RPM. I had to add teeth to the front sprocket because i would top out in my fields so fast.
  14. read around there is a lot on that depends on Mods, what type of riding you do ETC.
  15. ginger


    why even ask what octane you have to run if your going to run coming thats around 20 higher than what you need.