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  1. Still have these arts for sale. Who wants a deal on a big motor?
  2. All pm's replied and all paid parts shipped. I will be posting more items soon. Again, text is faster for pics and questions is the fastest way for me. 225-773-0520 Thanks everyone
  3. Still have lots of parts for sale. More parts to add to the list. -stock carbs with intake boots and pod filters. $75 -New 64mm cast Pistons. $100 -marvin shaw nitrogen refill kit -Marvin shaw shocks. (Have to get lengths) -chrome factory a arms -8" arched swingarm -chrome stock axle with billet hubs -billet front hubs -oversized polished radiator -billet head lights -billet flame stater cover -Chrome kick starter More parts to come. Will post more later.
  4. Black Mohawks sold 40mm lectrons sold 11 paddles sale pending Thanks
  5. Text my number and I can send you some pictures I have on my phone.
  6. Replied I also have some new on rims 25.5x10x13gtw American racers. New never used tires or rims.
  7. Someone else asked about them so I went to my storage and can't find them. I must have loaned them to a friend and they never brought them back. If I find them in all of my stuff I will let you know.
  8. Anything and everything you see in the pics is for sale as well. Lol. Feel free to ask. If you need more pics text me what you need.
  9. I've been racing and building banshees since 2000, but it's now my time to move on. I have so many parts I don't even know where to start (2 13x35 storage units full) selling all this stuff. With two kids (10 year old and 1 year old) plus working 60-70 hours a week, hot rods and boats I don't have time for the bikes anymore. That being said I'm going to try and list parts and some pictures and some prices. I am open to prices so you can make offers. I prefer to get text messages because I'm not getting my notification emails for some reason plus texts are easy for me to respond to
  10. I think I've responded to all pm's
  11. I'm not sure if I mentioned or not, but I'm willing to part the motor out. Crank, cases, top end and pipes.
  12. It's been a while since I've posted these parts, but I got side tracked with work and the guy I had interested in the parts flaked out so I'm just getting time to repost these parts. I'm looking to move these parts so if someone has interest they will get a good deal. I will be making another post with other parts paddles (8,10,11,14) and sand front runners. Hinson baskets, carbs pipes etc. If your looking for something let me know. Thanks
  13. I'm still working with a couple people on a package deal. Once that happens I will part everything else out.
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