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  1. Parts showed up packaged extremely well. And better than described. Excellent dealings with the seller
  2. Thoughts on a good starting point would be awesome!! 392 serval as cast 155psi Fmf fattys Vf3 Pod filters 900ft elevation Was thinking 27.5, middle clip and 340 mains? Thanks!!!
  3. No. But did have some issues with sucking bowl dry. Got creative with needle and seat. Cured it
  4. Na was pretty friendly really. Never dynoed it. Went to a 421 serval after with stock carbs also.
  5. Ran a 392 cub for a while on stock carbs. Assume your jetting would be similar. 300 main. Toomy needle on 4th clip. 27.5 pilot at 900ft elv
  6. (714) 369-8879 Call em direct
  7. I'm running some lsr +2/+1 with works shocks. they have been great! I live about an hour from Sahara and your right it's crazy ruff sometimes. I maybe selling the shocks here soon btw
  8. Looking for a +12 no link swinger. Thanks!
  9. Looking for some 78-80ish ro 16 stag ext. thanks
  10. Looking for some used 513. 65mm bore pistons for some tinkering. Thanks!
  11. Pic is posted with photobucket. Not working?
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