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  1. Hey if I wasnt lazy I'd have 1 1/2 less fingers.
  2. Well I guess maybe I'll rip it apart if you guys a serious you think it's the crank. Freaking Chinese cranks that were supposed to be just as good as a hot rods. I guess the wang crank i got lasted like 7 years so i should be lucky.
  3. Well in that case I guess I'll slap her back together and run her till she blows. It runs fine right now.
  4. I hear this weird sound coming from what I think is the flywheel side. No movement in the crank and the seal looks good. https://youtube.com/shorts/o25XPsmot9A?feature=share
  5. I know this shit is super old but does anyone remember what was wrong?
  6. I know exactly what they are. Post a picture of them.
  7. You probably have a nest in one of your pipes.
  8. Just run that shit dude. By the time it blows up you'll be ready for a bigger motor or a 4 stroke.
  9. Lol Dubai! I'll trade him my smerv for his lambo.
  10. That was very effective. Not embarrassing at all.
  11. It was almost as embarrassing as my shocks being upside down.
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