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  1. Redline Racing

    Redline CNC Stock Cylinder Pipe Test

    4mm stock cylinder with a CNC dune port. 192 exhaust 72%bore 126 trans 20cc domes with race gas 28 PWK 150 main 50 pilot 5* timing V-3 reeds Customer bike o-ring chain all chain guides & axle seals Graph Color Description: Red- T5 pipes Blue- CPI inframe small bore Green- SCP inframe small bar Orange- Sniper Dark Blue- SLP Brown- Pro Circut Olive Green- DMC 916 Just a good comparison on quite a few of the different types of inframe pipes.
  2. Redline Racing

    Back from the Dyno (Need Advice)

    You are way rich especially with pwk as carbs. I'd guess 40-ish pilot low 150 main. I've dynoed Kevin's Mtrs they make power if properly set up.
  3. Redline Racing

    Fixing transfer wall

    Why not weld it up deck cylinder back down and never worry best choice. Epoxy will be so thin it will be easy to chip off or scrape when cleaning gaskets. It's between both cylinders so put good cyl on first put a small bead of 1211 between cylinders and install damaged cyl. It will never blow since they are right next to each other.
  4. Redline Racing

    My leak down test results

    STFU Tyler. If you need anything Tom let me know.
  5. Redline Racing

    My leak down test results

    I just checked my emails and in Aug of 2015 when you got the Mtr you said you did a leak then and had no leaks. You said it had diff plug colors left to right. With left side being tad wet and right being dry. I give every Mtr to leave shop a leak down test I know it wasn't leaking when it left here and I guess you found same to be true.
  6. Redline Racing

    My leak down test results

    I would have no problem helping any customer if they have a problem. I don't believe I have been contacted about any issue so it's hard to help. I am sorry for delay on motor and then you have to work on it.
  7. People don't realize how long it takes to properly build a mtr. It always takes way longer then it should no matter what. There's a stripped hole, broken stud, supply chain delays, machine shop issue,........ Goes on and on. I try to be honest with customers if I haven't touched it I tell them. If they want it back and ship it else where I'll do it. My phone rings 20-40 times a day I got 200 emails I haven't looked at and I got 20 mtrs sitting here. I try to balance all sides of business but it's very tough. Do I meet all deadlines no have I had mtrs longer than a year of course. Anyone who has been to my shop or any other sponsors shop knows we as not sitting around getting rich off this. We work 60++++ hrs a week at 6-7 days a week to make our living. Most my customers prob make more than I do and work way less. My point is if Redline or any other sponsor doesn't answer the phone, return an email or call you back its not personal. It's the fact that we are overwhelmed with daily tasks and prob couldn't take anything else on. Not the fact that we don't value our potential or current customers. I appreciate every customer big or small for there business. Thanks Cam
  8. Redline Racing


    2 after your Mtr.
  9. Redline Racing


    Thank you guys. Another year closer to retirement.
  10. Redline Racing

    4 mil sleeper

    Thanks for letting us do the mtr. It's always super cool to see end results after the sweat and metal slivers. Looks awesome.
  11. Redline Racing

    Cam at RedlineRacing

    Thanks guys!! I try to do my best but I can be very slow at times. Thank you to all my patient customers past and present!! Thanks Cam
  12. Redline Racing

    Triple Cub

    Will sell cheap.
  13. Redline Racing

    115mm or 120mm rod for 10mm Super Serval?

    I did quite a few 120 rod cubs and 125 rod DM's back in the day. IMO it was a waste more expensive and weaker cranks, thinner cases. With a twister crank it's just a bigger rod pin home on same wheel diam so it has less metal around OD of crank and pin area. CW 's won't go that thin on OD/ pin area so they use snap pins (step pins) to do the job. I've used Louie's with no issues on crank wheels but I've broke few step pins. Due to bigger bottom rod OD you must trench cases thinner to get all to clear and rod has to be trimmed. So now we have a more expensive rod, thinner cases and depending how thin rod is trimmed it can be weaker. All this for what I saw was little to no gain. Only plus I ever liked was the flat top KTM pistons you can run with 18 mm pins. I liked those pistons.
  14. Redline Racing

    Straight Cut Gear Performance?

    Usually if it shifts correct part if time and not well other times it is rider related. We know all parts are new and has a pro mod so mechanical it should be good. So I would say if you launch in 2 nd and go to shift to third it's a fairly quick shift so you may not be letting shifter drop down to catch the star for next up shift. Or possibly it's a little low geared and it's spinning tires way to hard. Try dropping air pressure way down or changing gear ratio. Or call me and we can go over other scenarios that could be going on.
  15. Redline Racing

    Redline 421 Serval

    These are the same numbers I see out if as cast serval cylinders. If I put them on kill I've seen 80 but not with pump friendly domes and a thinner base gasket. We need to port it now Tim.