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  1. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    what you mad you didnt get an invite. it was a glorious day... even with smevens limp from his foot injury
  2. ride.race.live

    Clutch basket. Canada.

    only one from hinson id buy is their spring loaded clutch with straight cuts..... yes expensive but durable as hell and no damn cushions to worry about!
  3. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    some dude off his rocker went on a rampage in NS fucked up to say the least... deadliest rampage in 30 years here.... a sunday morning walk in the park for merica?
  4. ride.race.live

    Steering Stabilizers

    ive never seen that! jesus.... maybe on a 250R frame as their already know to take a shit just looking at them.... but never heard or seen that happen on other bikes. Streamlines 11 way rebuild able stabilizer works great for the cost... ran one on all the bikes ive owned.
  5. ride.race.live

    The cooking thread 2.0

    yea i wouldnt do a brisket on the reg.... a lot of work / time. upside is... pulled brisket is a damn awesome topping too
  6. ride.race.live

    The cooking thread 2.0

    how did that brisket turn out? nothing but hate on here towards brisket... though i love it. Ribs... slicing em into individuals is the only way im doing it from now on when their meaty rips... couple birds went on too... but forgot finished pics...
  7. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    144 beers + a few stragglers.... and still looks bare damn fridge is expensive to fill. Doesnt help a 24 is roughly 42-43$ a case...
  8. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    hit that shit in 6th wot... see how it turns out... may end up putting DDQ in 2nd place for sweet jumps
  9. yea but you rewind back to HM's prime here on bhq and the forums were plentyfull of stupid people too lol...
  10. ride.race.live

    Live Work and Discussion Thread

    nope lol.. not worth the cost to ship haha
  11. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    no idea! the damn site was blocked.... so i went on with my day and tried again on here this am lol
  12. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    thats locked up in a vault... no one getting that! going to the grave with me.
  13. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    the mail lady in my home town held the package (they usually just drop it at my front door most of the time) guess they werent sure if it was for me or not. ended up having to explain what that meant lmao... what made it work even better was that it was written in pen so it wasn't a clean print. lol
  14. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    lol.... there is but rarely.... if i remember right special sent me a package and was addressed to my addy but the name was Pen15 club lol
  15. ride.race.live

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    well yea... better to be safe then sorry! on a side note... this one was from canadianshee.... lucky for me he rathers being the small spoon