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  1. rjdgriff


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  2. rjdgriff

    611 DM $7600

    Motor is sold, I still have the roller though 816-273-2245 shoot me a text if interested
  3. rjdgriff

    611 DM $7600

    Still for sale
  4. I bet my high Metabolism can run circles around your ass when you are out of breath and dying of fatigue
  5. It’s because I have metabolism and not a borderline fatass
  6. Bitch please. I’m almost always up by 7am
  7. rjdgriff

    611 DM $7600

    Cheap ass fuckers
  8. I will be but we all know you will be asleep by 830pm and will miss out on any real drinking to be done.
  9. rjdgriff

    611 DM $7600

    Nope, guy that was meeting me just decided not to show up at the meeting, no contact ever since. He straight wasted my time.
  10. rjdgriff

    Gone for a While

    Bout 2 weeks ago, a guy posted his 10 twister up for sale. Idk how much or anything, just remember seeing it.
  11. rjdgriff

    611 DM $7600

  12. rjdgriff

    611 DM $7600