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  1. Bump for a clean set of plastics.
  2. Ceramic is designed to retain heat. I would leave them bare or chrome them..
  3. Messaged you about the chrome t5’s.. If ya still got them I got cash for ya.
  4. Tried messaging him few days ago. I’ll post and see what he says.
  5. No heat retention with powdercoat. Looks good sully, hell of a motor for a trail bike.
  6. As title says looking for t5’s And oem uncut plastics. Blue, black, red, white or yellow works for me.
  7. No story just n2idiot beating a dead horse.
  8. I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on a set as well. Just wanna see some numbers on alky.
  9. Anyone running one of these yet? Already have a drag port stock cyl 4 mil but haven't buttoned it up yet. Been looking at these and the numbers seem to be promising.... Gunna be running shearer oofs and alky for those wondering....
  10. How long the track? Seen a good bit over 300'? Must be nice to mph people.
  11. Good lord, so much butthurt lol
  12. Talk to Kan power sports, tell him what you've got and he'll hook you up with everything needed to make it right. 421 cub be a blast to run on open trails. Hold on tight lol
  13. Driveline also cuts stock ones to accept aftermarket domes. Be good for a stealth look if that intrests you.
  14. That it does, had some races at phils today btw. You still got that TT bike?
  15. Very much alive tricked. How you been man?
  16. Good to hear. Had a hjr dune port with shearers, hauled ass but power came on late. Think a 4 mil and dmc pipes would be fun in the trails by me.
  17. What porting done to the motor? 4 mil or ss and how you like the dmc pipes? Nice build btw.
  18. Bike looks good, how you like the hjr port with the dmc pipes? Power come on fast?
  19. Good question I went -2 +2 for my arms. These are +5's
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