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  1. SandSlingerOR

    Advice on build progression

    4mill on stock cylinders with stock to 28mm carbs and CPI's or pc's would be my choice on pipes. That would be a fun do it all shee.
  2. SandSlingerOR

    Buying Used Exhaust Pipes

    Buy em, clean em, run em. As long as they are not cracked. No worries about buying used.
  3. SandSlingerOR

    Light weight front hubs

    Any light weight front hubs for sale? Prefer oem lightend, but consider other options. Thx..
  4. SandSlingerOR

    Stock 06 blue a arms. WTB

    Putting shee back together, and I'm wanting to put it together cheap as I can for now. Wanting the blue 2006 a arms if anyone has some laying around, complete as possible would be nice. Post pics and price.. Thanks
  5. SandSlingerOR

    Stock 06 blue a arms. WTB

    At this point I'll take any year as long as complete and ball joints are nice an tight. I have banshee bug bad right now lol.
  6. SandSlingerOR


    Timing is at +10? Max I ever ran was +4. If it's a bog it's to rich, popping is lean. I'd try different set of needles if your at 2nd slot and it's still rich. I'm not expert though I haven't played with banshee's in years. Got the bug again and will be re-learning though.
  7. If the hp is under 80, stock carbs will be fine.
  8. Holy crap 48 bids.. Wow congrats man.
  9. SandSlingerOR

    trail bike build????

    4mill serval with a trail/mx port with Slp pipes, and stock or 28mm carbs would be a good start on motor. It'll suck gas more so might wanna invest in a large tank. FAST Racing (site sponsor) has serval cylinders last I checked.
  10. Fast Racing - Red line - Driveline can't go wrong with any of those.
  11. SandSlingerOR

    new carb questions

    If Chinese toss em in the garbage can.
  12. SandSlingerOR

    rebuild or dump the machine

    Not horrible looking. Maybe except blue exhaust. Good idea on keeping it.
  13. SandSlingerOR

    WTB: 2008 yfz 450 front brakes

    Picked up some 05 calipers. No longer looking
  14. SandSlingerOR

    WTB: 2008 yfz 450 front brakes

    Looking for a complete front brake system off a 2008 yfz. The whole assembly would be great. But don't really need the lines or rotors though.
  15. SandSlingerOR

    Opinion on Suspension Upgrade. Preferably FireBall Racing.

    Fireball dont list it, but I was going to see if he'd make me long travel front a arms for my 250r, using 450r spindles. Rolls are $1500 for a set. Fireballs are just as nice I think and cheaper.
  16. SandSlingerOR

    Redline Racing Build

    Banshees are pretty reliable in any form. If low end is your need go with a 4mil build by cam.
  17. SandSlingerOR

    Is CPI Racing out of buisness?

    Heard the owner wants to retire. I still see new sets pop up for sale once in awhile, so I don't know exactly.
  18. SandSlingerOR

    WTB: 2008 yfz 450 front brakes

    Still looking. Found a master cylinder, just need calipers. I guess any year be cool, but ideally 08.
  19. SandSlingerOR

    Tuning Banshee for Snowbike

    421 serval from fast racing. https://farmandsandtoys.com/ocart2/f-a-s-t-racing Or Driveline Performance http://drivelineperformance.com/ Don't use Athena junk
  20. SandSlingerOR

    Need some help fine tuning my banshee build

    I'm no expert but to me your going the wrong way. I can't remember off the top of my head but my dune ported shee with stock carbs is at 27.5 on the piolets at sea level.
  21. SandSlingerOR

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Finally got to take my new purchase shooting.
  22. SandSlingerOR

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

  23. SandSlingerOR

    Banshee build suggestions

    If you don't mind shipping Red line Racing out here in Oregon is great, or there's FAST Racing Midwest both are site sponsors. Not sure who on east coast is good?
  24. SandSlingerOR

    Extended Aarms

    I wouldn't. I'd just spend a little extra and get alba racing a arms.
  25. Make sure you do a proper leak down test to rule out a air leak after assembling everything.