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  1. Yup do yfz front brakes, once I start assembling my shee I'll be installing 05 front calipers and a 08 master cylinder.
  2. I heard it's takes years to get anything back from him. He used to be very active on the 250r forums, but then went awol.
  3. Driveline and they don't hurt your wallet to bad. http://drivelineperformance.com/billet-intake-manifold-kit-fits-33-34-35mm-carburetors-yamaha-banshee-350/ Or from Top Dog https://www.topdogracing.com/shop/banshee%2Fintake-carb-and-fuel-system-parts/169
  4. If your in Cali hit up sponsor herr jugs racing, hell hook you up with some good products and port. There's a few bad reviews about BP racing btw.
  5. Yup mainstream media is completely gone communist. Us down the crapper.
  6. Good info. I ran 28s on oem cylinders and cam dialed them in for me and they worked fantastic. If I ever step up to a driveline I'll Remeber they like 35s now.
  7. I run ambushes and like em. But lots of ppl will point out they are not 6ply. I heard good things about the pulse tires.
  8. Seriously freaking spendy!
  9. Up compression - vforce 4s - +4 timing - Slp pipes it's be your best bet while not messing with gearing.
  10. Vf4 reeds - timing plate - lightend fly wheel - upgraded head.
  11. Didnt wanna do it, but I'm buying brand new from a site sponsor on here. I'm picking up tomorrow. So mods can delete this.
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