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  1. You bette have shit SUPER aligned, and very little flex to run a 12 with no guide. A guide, 90 degree metal, 2 bolts, drill with bit, and a welder will fix it.
  2. Softens the blow when they toss it like a suitcase.
  3. I have spent LOTS of time in AZ. Hell, I own a place in AZ. Although it is good, it is not SoCal good! There is NO FKN WAY I'd live in SoCal, but for what Claudia is looking to do, it is a great option.
  4. If its a temp thing, Southern CA would be my choice. Best weather in the nation (maybe the world), lots to do, lots of jobs that pay big $. It is SUPPPPER liberal down there, you'll fit right in. That all said, it is MEGA expensive to live down there. Make sure you do your homework before accepting something.
  5. What’s the end game here Claudia? Permanent? Few years? Aerospace experience to take back to France land? Make a shit tin more $ than you do teaching high school?
  6. Run it! It will flap like Skeeters ass in about 10 minutes after being ran.
  7. Could have just taken the guy out BEFORE it all happened. https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2021/09/01/bombshell-report-us-knew-about-kabul-bomber-had-drone-lock-but-didnt-take-the-shot-n436410
  8. Who’s joe? Guy is non fucking existent. Level the entire fucking country.
  9. What’s that house sell for? All in, land house, basic landscaping, etc.?
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