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  1. TF7

    Some random stock parts

    Rear brake master cylinder?
  2. TF7

    trenched 10mil cases

    Waiting to hear if mine are repairable so getting my feelers out for a non-whacked, non-leaking nice set of trenched cases for my baby 10mil. Pm me if u got some or can get me some. Thanks y'all
  3. I may have one. Let me check with my builder.
  4. TF7


    Stock carb?
  5. TF7

    1-5 N Down!

    How much you want for it Root? Complete or just the drum?
  6. TF7

    1-5 N Down!

    Just as the title says. I'd even take a drum cut for the 1-5. Let me know what ya got. Thanks
  7. TF7

    motor needed

    Call shawn at Proformance Prototypes he's got a 10mil cheetah. 616-318-3353
  8. how much if i pick it up?
  9. TF7


    ya i bought it..watch out wmsd im back
  10. i know you say you want 2 out the same side but i have a set one out each side that i might be coming off of if that interests you. Re-chromed April 2011
  11. TF7

    Had a motor but together

    How many passes at the track(s) did u make before all this shit went down? was it the first kick then all a sudden o shit my bike is fucked up I better blame someone quick. Thanks just curious
  12. TF7

    wtb ASV clutch lever

    pm sent alf