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  1. Great guy, do not hesitate to buy or sell with him.
  2. Love the process you have to go though to view pictures of the 06.
  3. Olathe ks, about 25 min south of Kansas City
  4. I have a full 2 page reciept of the work that was done to the motor during the rebuild that I will provide to the buyer as well.
  5. you find the money and I will bring it to you... heading to table rock next weekend could take 71 south, ha ha
  6. My wife just drove 30 to Seattle I have confidence in you. I will meet you in Missouri... Ha ha
  7. now is as good of a time as any for a road trip.
  8. Bike is For Sale, Check it out in the FS Section

  9. I know many of you have seen my bike either on here or in person. It is time for me to sell it to start a new project. Motor: (all taken apart, rebuilt, and put back together by Jeff at FAST Racing) Hot Rods 4mil stroker crank Play/Dune Port on a set of stock good Cyl that were purchased by Jeff through NYUK Noss Cool Head 21 CC domes cut for 4mil replaced shift forks and shift drum and all other necessary items that Jeff does when rebuilding a motor.... if you have a question, just ask. Items that I added to the motor:Ricky Stator (Still have a stock one as well, just needs a n
  10. I normally run between 170 and 190 with billet impeller, engine ice, and oversized radiator in the dunes. Max temp reading I have ever had was 212 and I shut her down. Anything over 200 I usually watch and if it doesn't drop, I shut down.
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