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  1. interstid in dees. trade for nood pics of skeet?
  2. Well, since misinformation seems to be the norm, I'll do my best to clear it up. I've said many times in threads around here than 90% of people won't notice the difference between axis and Elka. If you look around you'll find a thread where I have had numerous customer service issues with Elka. They produce a great product, but support their dealers like shit. If you're not an authorized service center or sell large quantities of new shocks, they couldn't care less about you. It's not just me who has this opinion, I've spoken to many people in this industry who have similar experienced, and many who have the exact opposite. My most recent experience cost me $120 in overnight shipping to fix their mistake of sending me out completely the wrong parts when I gave them the part numbers, AND a photograph of exactly what I needed. $18 in parts... Axis, on the other hand. Incredible customer service. They stand behind their product 110%, unlike Elka. If you have any kind of ride quality issue with axis, they will bend over backwards to make the shocks work exactly how you want, and won't stop until YOU are 110% happy with your shocks. I've NEVER heard a single negative about axis' customer service, or product quality. On a side note, axis uses higher quality components internally, in my opinion. I prefer their valving shims, pistons, and wear bands over Elka. My main comparison, as I have put in writing in several places here, is strictly their customer service, though. To the OP who asked how I've been doing. I'm doing OK. My cancer treatment is currently on hold. I've been going back and forth from California to Scottsdale, AZ every week for treatment at the Mayo Clinic. Most recently (3 weeks ago) I broke a rib doing nothing more than laughing, which prompted a bond density scan, which I hadn't had in a few years. It turned up severe osteoporosis in my spine and neck, and osteopenia in both legs. The doctors think its largely from being on corticosteroids and chemo for so long. I had a "pouchoscocpy" (think colonoscopy, but since I don't have a colon and a j-pouch instead,, it's called a pouchoscopy) and it revealed severe inflammation in both the pouch, and at least 30cm into the small intestine with active bleeding ulcers. He found 3 polyps that were removed and biopsied. We're still waiting on the results of those biopsies. Secondary to GI issues, I've been seeing an endocrinologist about the osteoporosis, and desperately trying to figure out my immune system and why it keeps attacking itself. Over the last two months since I've stopped chemo I've been able to put about 20lbs back on, but once I start back on chemo it'll fall back off. All in all the hardest part has been not seeing my wife and kid much as I travel back and forth from CA to AZ. I'm still really sick, but I'm trying to make the best of every day, because at any time it could be my last. That's probably good advice for anyone, sick or not. I had the opportunity over Thanksgiving to spend some time with a 12 year old little girl and her family who is in final stages of bone cancer. No matter how sick I am, and how close to dying I am, it meant nothing seeing a 12 year old girl going through exactly the same thing I am. Having a daughter myself, it hit me hard. I had pretty much given up any hope of beating the cancer before meeting her. It's still not completely gone, but they've managed to keep it from spreading for the last two months or so. My body couldn't handle the high doses of chemo with all of the other autoimmune issues and inflammation going on. As far as the business goes, obviously I have been unable to do anything whatsoever, and I feel terrible for the people who's shocks I have. I'm typically only home for 3-4 days a week, and I spend 2-3 of those sick in bed from whatever treatment they throw at me in the days prior. I don't anticipate ever opening back up, and if I do, I will probably only focus on the offroad racing and sand car/UTV side of things. That being said, the long travel bike will probably be up for sale in the near future when I can get some time to give her a bath and take some good pictures. It's been sitting under a cover in my garage since the Utah ride in June of 2013 and hasn't been touched. So basically, yeah, most people won't notice any rude quality differential between the two brands. I'd you plan on keeping them long enough to need them serviced, or just want the baddest set of shocks you can buy from your bottomless pockets, go with axis. If you want great shocks for a little better price, and don't mind a company that doesn't care about you, or how well you actually like your shocks, go with Elka.
  3. Serious question. Can weed, or weed products be vaporized from these things?
  4. ...and april-september or october is now free, I forgot which. No pass required.
  5. These things look like they were cut on a harbor freight lathe. What the fuck.
  6. I'm going to go pick up your seal heads from the High Desert when I go up there to have my bike dyno'd... Fuckin 1983 shit...
  7. 150 bucks is such a good deal... Go ahead and ask what the rest of the country pays for their passes that has 140,000 acres of riding. Triple it, I don't care. Less people go = Less people in my dunes.
  8. Personally, I would buy one from someone reputable like Cameron from Redline, but that's just my opinion...
  9. Off topic, but I am now doubling my price to rebuild ATV shocks.
  10. Next time do an inspection before you buy the dump, dummy. I've lost too much money over the years because of termites. If there's any damage at all, I walk away. Those fuckers spread fast, and if they're at a place that you can see, God only knows where they are you can't see. Around here we typically pay about $2 a square foot for tenting, plus repairs.
  11. 8-10 degrees of positive caster for asphalt, keep it around 2-4 on the hill.
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