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    1994, 4 mill stroker, cheetah cubs, +8in swing arm, cpi's, and about 10k worth of shit total
  1. word...

    1. n2otoofast4u


      where you been shit sack? You and your brother foopdappop have been MIA... Whats up?

    2. ree_ree


      my dad has been sick for the last year and just passed away 3 weeks ago. been spending a lot of time in and out of hospitals


  2. ree_ree

    starting my polishing

    250r shock housings start finished
  3. ree_ree

    starting my polishing

    thank you all again. business has been pretty slow around here since the shop i was working for shut his doors
  4. ree_ree


    start with sanding, then use brown, then use white and i finish with red. if there are still some swirl marks use a flannel wheel with a little corn starch. looks pretty good though !
  5. ree_ree

    clear silicone radiator hose kits

    I use water wetter and when I get my motor back I'll take some pix of the pink shit in there lol
  6. ree_ree

    cracked +8 swinger

    Your more than welcome to take your opinion the fuck outa my for sale add. If you don't like my asking price then don't look. Peace bitch....
  7. ree_ree

    ****Post those Shee Pictures****

    updated pic of my banshee added a custom +12 swinger. i love the iron crosses in the center
  8. ree_ree

    CPI racing cool head

    trade ya a swing arm for it
  9. ree_ree

    clear silicone radiator hose kits

    i got my set and hooked the bike up to the dyno right after i put them on, i was amazed @ the +15hp they added ! no but for real nice hoses and super fast shipping, thanks a ton man !
  10. ree_ree

    cracked +8 swinger

    honestly i have no fuckin clue what i did to the thing. as far as price goes i have had a lot of folks ask me about it so i was thinking a $100 bill would get the swinger and cover shipping. if ya have anymore questions hit me up in a text or call me @ 541-404-8876. i dont check on here all that often.
  11. title tells all, it is cracked as the pix show. if ya have some welding skills im sure you can fix it. i have ne need for this thing anymore since i bought my +12 im open to reasonable offers !
  12. ree_ree

    out of frame drag pipes

    the shipping price on these will also be huge.....the other pipes you and the others have bought and shipped are able to be broke down where as these are not. they will be in a long wide box lol. i shipped my cpi oof pipes from oregon to cali and it was a $65 bill....just sayin
  13. ree_ree

    out of frame drag pipes

    ill give ya 130 shipped for them...only because i need a set to paint black. i live in the states so you dont have to worry about sending those thing over seas. if your intrested hit me up...send me a message and let me know man !