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  1. Saleenster

    Has anyone here ever owned this bike I just got it

    Not in Green's case, he's screwed !
  2. Raptor Rally next wkend @ Windchester Bay...FYI

  3. Saleenster

    HS Custom Drag bike

  4. Saleenster

    HS Custom Drag bike

    Chassis is sold. Motor still for sale. 4k complete motor shipped to lower 48
  5. Saleenster

    HS Custom Drag bike

    complete bike $7500 or $4000 HS Custom Chassis +8 front +12 rear. Will include as complete roller. This is a real HS chassis, not a clone or take off. 14 paddle extreme on cut outs, rear brake, JJ&A axle, JJ&A front hubs/drag tires. $4000 78 bore 58 stroke 4 mil DM. Billit 2nd gear, 2-5 override, 1st gear non overriden. 41mm carbs with billit bowls, billit intakes, BB DM drag pipes both out same side. PVL, Moose throttle, 530 chain. Will assist with shipping of bike, but you pay shipping and locate shipping company. PM if intrested...
  6. Saleenster

    REDLINE 4mm stock cyl drag port

    Musta been drunk next to Skeet
  7. Saleenster

    REDLINE 4mm stock cyl drag port

    pretty sure I recall "another' Honda that was beating that...just saying. n20withoutabike, you recall that i'm sure
  8. Saleenster

    REDLINE 4mm stock cyl drag port

  9. Saleenster

    REDLINE 4mm stock cyl drag port

    Bet that motor will keep up with our singles
  10. Saleenster

    white knuckle 7 cub

    Heard Skeeter bought it....Anybody got bets on how long till his goofy ass shows up in HQ SB ?
  11. Thanks Jeff. Bike still for sale
  12. I'm happy I didn't, I got great pleasure from it last summer. Bike ran as hard as ever. Market is never good for this kind of bike, but when somebody is wanting to go "faster" in the dunes, this will fill that 'want'. btw, I have polished struts and wheelie bar (same color) for chassis. This is a bike that is turn key ready, its not needing anything. Local pick up is requested.
  13. Thanks. Still for sale. Had nothing but low ballers inquire about it.
  14. Ok, Its time to part ways with my twin $8400 for entire bike OR $4750 for HS Chassis as a roller. +8 front, +12 rear with Work shocks, 14 SLS exteme's, smooth buffs with JJ&A axle, polished tank, polished radiator, Chrome Stem $4250 for motor (complete). It's 78 bore 58 stroke DM, with DM pipes, carbon fiber silencers, 41.5mm alky carbs, billit intakes, 2-5 override, 1st gear non overriden. PVL, Lockout, etc. Cam @ Redline built this motor. Its runs very hard and will surprise most This is one of the fastest bikes in the Oregon Dunes. Gates hard and shoots straight as an arrow...the ride is hard to explain if you have never been on a HS, its a freaking Caddy. No BS. I dont want to ship, so local pick up would be desired. when it was being assembled