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    1999 Yamaha Banshee (Blue) Shearer OOF Pipes 1-5 Override Tranny K&N Pods 35mm Keihin PWK Air Strikers Alky Stage IV Intake Reed Spacers V-Force 3 Reeds Ported & Polished by Flotek 4mil Crank Bored .020 Over Wiseco Pro-Lite Pistons (ported) Pro Design Billet Timing Plate @ +10 Degrees Dual Pingle Gigot Lockout Noss Cool Head Stellar +6 SwingArm 185psi compression
  1. http://s65.photobucket.com/user/bjc888/media/20140209_174552_zps2d152b00.jpg.html?filters[user]=139369231&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 http://s65.photobucket.com/user/bjc888/media/20140220_095205_zps5407eeef.jpg.html?filters[user]=139369231&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Stock OEM A-Arms. Ball Joints and Dust Caps (boots) in good condition and well greased! Recently coated silver color. $100 Shipped. Located in Louisiana.
  2. Yeah im fine with them not being rezzies. If you could email a pic or two of them to the email address I messaged you. Im definite Ill want them. I really need them lol.
  3. If the shocks are in good shape, Ill definately take them.
  4. Would the 21x12x8 9 paddle haulers give me the same performance as the extremes? Im having alot of more people tell me go with haulers because the paddles flex a little bit as where the extremes stay stiff, but idk my bike builders told me to go with extremes. I just needa make up my mind because it took at least 4 months for me to figure out whether to go with a +4 or a +6 swingarm lol and i dont wanna go through that again.
  5. Alright guys well I got my +6 swing arm ordered and is getting built, but now I need a new set of paddles. I asked a few guys who have been around and have a few banshees but they have different answers for me. So id like my fellow members of bansheehq to help me out again. My mods are listed in my profile. I narrowed down the rim size to 8 x 8 and it will be douglas blue labels. As far as the tire goes they all recommended the hauler not the extreme. I will be doing 70% drag and 30% play. Its out of 22x11x8 10 paddle.......21x12x8 10 paddle.....and last but not least is the one that was recom
  6. Well guys I would just like to thank all of you for your opinions and advice, I went ahead and called Tim at Stellar today and got a +6 swingarm getting fabricated and chromed. Can't wait for that puppy to come in! Just wanted to say it was a pleasure doing business with Tim, he is very knowledgable and knows exactly what direction to point you in. I highly recommend Stellar to anyone. Well now that I made this purchase....I have to look for some new paddles. Anyone has a nice set of 21-12-8 10 paddle haulers for sale? lol
  7. Whoa! Whoa!....no need to get buck. Im simply asking for other peoples opinions based on experiences, Ive had the same amount of people tell me to go +4 as to go +6, even you told me i can go either way on this.
  8. Im still on the fence with this decision! I keep flopping between a 4 and a 6. Im open to more opinions/helpful advice!
  9. Im in the same boat as you, I have a good buddy that swears up and down that a +4 is the way to go if you want to both play and drag in the dunes. The guy that built my bike actually recommended a +8 for mine because its so damn hard to keep my front end down. So Im still thinking whether or not I just split the difference and go with a +6 or stick with my buddys advice and go with the +4 because a +8 would definately take the dunability out of the bike.
  10. Man i hope your right, I havent been able to get a hold to my guy to ask him. Thats pretty much all i been thinkin bout since I got my bike back from the shop.
  11. Yeah I run my bike hard. Drag racing...duning.
  12. So im guessing its not unheard of to run colder plugs in banshees? It runs great, but i find it is a little harder to start it, which id point towards the colder plug for doing that.
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