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  1. Burt Reynolds

    New 421 banshee build, carb selection question

    Crazy it works like that,kx500 carbs are 39mm lol
  2. Burt Reynolds

    New 421 banshee build, carb selection question

    It depends on where you want your power,and your type of porting. Drag ported 421 I would probably run 38mm’s. Trail stock to 34,dune port in the middle. If your going for high rpm peak drag racing horsepower then I would think 36-38mm I’ve been out of the game for to long but the best port work I have ever got was from Chris Grissom racing.
  3. Burt Reynolds

    FMF Gnarly exhaust.

    Gnarly’s are the best trail/play pipes I’ve ever used,the end.
  4. Burt Reynolds

    Any tips on jumping the banshee

    Yeah lol don’t!
  5. Burt Reynolds

    Hole in banshee case?

    I used a small piece of screen from a broken door and jb weld back in 2006 to fix a quarter sized hole in a banshee case. It’s still holding today.
  6. 30 seconds or so when it’s warm out. Longer when it’s cold
  7. Passing after 60mph don’t mean much lol. Drz400 will go 90+ YZ250 lucky to get into the hi 70’s
  8. What bikes are each of you running again?
  9. Burt Reynolds

    Buying my first Banshee, also stator question

    Check for spark,if it has spark check the compression.
  10. Everyone thinks they are sitting on a gold mine because they are discontinued. Prices are so high near me,you would be better off buying a modern 450.
  11. Burt Reynolds

    Best fluid for my transmission

    Cheap store brand atf type f.
  12. Burt Reynolds

    I have a question about my porting

    What type of porting? Stock crank? Stock head? Gimme the info and I can help.
  13. Burt Reynolds

    Lightened flywheel

    You could also look into a ignition system that eliminates the flywheel.
  14. Burt Reynolds

    Banshee not right

    Float needles/holes in floats/float height.