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  1. 2004... those kids born then are probably somebody’s parents now, or at least trying to be 🤣😂🤣 It definitely improves the throttle response. Thinking about getting one for my nephews banshee.
  2. Maybe. Of course at my age I might just be senile and got lost on my way to the bathroom.
  3. Trying to dress the ol’ girl up and I’m looking for some new stuff. Lightened flywheel, full skids, stainless radiator cover, front bumper, maybe a nice aftermarket axle. Lemme know what you’ve got.
  4. Does anyone rebuild these anymore or are they too old?
  5. A million years ago there was someone here that cut maybe 30% more than other guys from the stock flywheel not just a little off each side of the magnets. I’m wondering what everyone suggests for a lightened flywheel.
  6. Do you have the standard banshee axle and carrier?
  7. Been a long time. Things have changed since I’ve been away. I’m looking for some cheap parts. Is this the right spot?
  8. Looking for something “coastal” in the DRK. Any tips for riding spots in Mendo or Sonoma counties?
  9. So far just the RZ engines. Gotta work my way to the banshee end of th garage. Haven’t been back there since the Bush administration.
  10. After years of raising other people’s kids and a couple career changes and a stress induced heart attack, I’m planning to move to the West Coast and since I probably can’t ride it the way I’ve got it over there, I might not take it when I go. I can let go of the RZ engines tho.
  11. Well boys and girls old age has permanently moved into my body and it’s time for me to close a chapter of my life. I’m going to be parting ways with some of my banshee stuff and possibly my last banshee. Most notably I have 2 low mile RZ350 engines that I bought as spares in case my stocker ever crapped out. It never has. Its been a lot of fun seeing the BHQ family grow. I’d like to think I was a part of that nearly 20 years ago.
  12. But where do they draw the line between a motorcycle and ATV?
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